Best Chrome cheap Hoverboards for sale Swegway Deals UK

BIG SALE: The Best Chrome Swegway & Hoverboard Deal

Join in on our BIG SALE! Buy the best Chrome Swegway and Hoverboard during our Spring Sale and get up to 75% off on our cheapest and best UK Deals yet!

Ever wanted the best Swegway or Hoverboard, but you’ve always thought they were a little too expensive? Well now is your time, now is your chance! With our BIG SALE, We’re offering the Best Chrome Swegway and Hoverboard Deals in the UK. Get involved in our Spring Sale with up to 75% off!

Chrome Rose-Gold Hoverboard

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK’s Best Chrome Hoverboard deal has many fantastic colours within the range. All 8 colours are diverse and unique. They range from the Bold sleek Chrome Green to the Sassy Purple. There’s literally a colour for everyone.

Our UK Swegway come in a wide choice of different styles, colours and designs. Chrome Swegways Make your Hoverboard more fun, exciting and you’ll make everyone around you so envious! With our Free next day delivery service you can make more people jealous and create the best memories in no time at all!

With Fantastic customer satisfaction and full safety certificates, Swegway-Pro UK is the most trusted and well established Chrome Swegway specialist, where you can buy finally with confidence.

Our amazing Chrome Hoverboards now comes with a free Bluetooth upgrade. Our excellent bundles now means that we will even throw in a carrier case absolutely FREE. so bag yourself your very own Hoverboard and take it everywhere with you!


Chrome Swegways For Sale UK

Chrome Swegways for sale UK Gold Hoverboard

Whatever your style is, we at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK have you covered. Always wanted a UK Hoverboard, but wasn’t sure how to go about getting one or can’t decide which colour you should go for? With our free Chrome Bundle upgrade, we offer a fantastic Swegway in 8 Different colours: ROSE-GOLD, BLUE, RED, GOLD, GREEN, SILVER AND PURPLE. Which colour are you?

Within the Chrome range, we offer the Classic Chrome and the 8” Pink Chrome. Both different, yet equally fun and innovative. If you’re looking for a colour that says you’re fashion forward, such as the Rose Gold (Very Gucci S/S17), or the everyday Jack Jones like the Green, we have you covered!

As part of our Chrome range we have Swegway-Pro UK’s 8″ Lambo Hoverboard in Chrome Pink, which comes with 8.5” inch solid tires giving the rider a more comfortable and durable ride. Charging time is like the Classic, which is only 1.5 hour, meaning you can be in and out of your charging station in no time at all. Our Classic Chrome Swegways come packed with all the added extras including Bluetooth speakers! one of the lightest in our Swegway ranges, weighing in at only 13KG. The Chrome Hoverboards for sale is light to carry and light for the bank balance, now on sale at our cheapest ever price!

The Chrome Pink Hoverboards and Swegway for sale is very Stylish for the coming summer. You can release your inner Elle Woods, or even just use it on Wednesdays. The choices are endless, this really is the staple piece for the summer that you need in your life!


Chrome Bluetooth Hoverboards for Sale UK

Chrome Bluetooth Hoverboards for Sale UK RED Hoverboard

Check out our full range of Chrome Bluetooth Hoverboards for sale in the UK here. The Classic Chrome Swegway is our cheapest and most popular UK Swegway. Now coming with Bluetooth as standard, with a range of different colours including ROSE GOLD, BLUE, RED, GOLD,GREEN, SILVER AND PURPLE.

Just pick your favourite colour and with our HOVERBOARD-PRO UK’s free next day delivery service, your Hoverboard will arrive right away. Our Classic boards for sale come with 7” tyres. You can wipe about and reach speeds of up to 20km/ph and a distance of up to 25 km. Don’t worry about charging, as it only takes up to 2 hours with a 4.4A 36V 58W Original Samsung Battery. We’ve made it even easier to carry your fantastic Smart Board about. With our Free upgraded Classic Chrome Bundle, you’ll receive a carry bag for your Swegway!

Your Hoverboard now comes with Bluetooth as standard. We’ll even throw in a free bag too, just to add the edge to your UK Swegway. Ever thought about getting ‘His and Hers’ Swegways? Add a bit of ‘sparkle’ to your relationship with a Hoverboard, where both of you will enjoy hours of fun. But remember, our flash sale is on for a limited time only and whilst stocks last! The Classic Swegways for sale can go up to 20km/ph with a distance of up to 25 Km. Don’t worry about charging, as it only takes up to 2 hours with a 4.4A 36V 58W Official Samsung Battery.

All our Swegway boards are fully UK safe certified to meet UK Safety Standards. All our Hoverboards are UK compliant, certified and approved. We have an array of certifications and know exactly where each component of our Swegways come from. Additionally, we unbox and test every single Swegway and Hoverboard here in the UK before we dispatch to you with our free delivery and 12-month warranty policy. This ensures that the Swegway reaches you after passing our rigorous benchmark of quality, safety and reliability.


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– Article written by Christopher Myatt