Best UK Swegway & Hoverboard Designs for Sale

BIG SALE: Best Limited Edition Swegway & Hoverboard Designs

This BIG SALE, grab the Best Limited Edition UK Swegway and Hoverboard Designs for a fraction of our RRP. Cheaper boards for sale while stocks last!

Ever wanted a Swegway, but you thought the colours some companies offer are a little dull and boring?  Have you looked at our limited Edition Designer range within during our BIG SALE?!

Best UK Swegways & Hoverboard Designs for Sale

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK have a great choice of different styles, colours and designs to make your own Hoverboard even more fun and exciting. You’ll make everyone around you so envious, and with our FREE next day delivery service you can create memories in no time at all!

We have a choice of the best Hoverboard patterns and Swegway designs. Take advantage of our Limited Edition Designer Smart Scooters during our biggest ever sale, with up to 75% OFF!

These colours are fantastic for the summer season, and will put a defiant edge in your ‘roll’.

With our award-winning customer service and full UK Safe Certificates as well as our benchmark of safety standards, Swegway-Pro UK is the trusted and well respected Hoverboard specialist. Buy a SAFE Swegway with confidence!


Best Pattern Designs on UK Hoverboards for Sale

Best Pattern Designs on UK Hoverboards for Sale

Best Pattern Designs on UK Hoverboards for Sale:

At HOVERBOARD-PRO UK we are passionate about Swegways! but we are also passionate about design and individuality, yet making yourself look cool when riding one. Therefore, we offer not only standard colours but for someone who is a little more adventures and wants to be seen, our Limited Edition Designs for Swegway & Hoverboards range are available.

Classic Camo UK Swegway

Bring out your inner action man with the Classic Limited Edition “CAMO” Bluetooth Swegway Design!  This one is a real head turner. The CAMO finish combined with LED Marquee lights and Bluetooth Speakers makes this Swegway an incredibly alluring piece of technology. Whether you’re into the outdoors or you’re looking for a real on trend print to give you that – dare we say it – ‘Hipster Vibe’, this could be for you. The fantastic Bundle comes with Bluetooth as standard, a free Carrier Bag for just £249.99!

Blue-Camo Bluetooth UK Swegway

Blue-Camo Design Bluetooth Hoverboard

The head-turning limited edition “BLUE-CAMO” Bluetooth UK Swegway speaks for itself. This Designer edition isn’t as harsh as it’s brother’s Classic Camo. It gives the image of an Ombre look, which is really big right now if you’re fashion conscious. The BLUE-CAMO metallic finish combined with LED front lights and Bluetooth Speakers make this swegway an incredibly attractive and chic piece of technology. Perfect for a Music or even Gin Festival. You can arrive anywhere, matching your Swegway to your outfit and using it as your own personal fashion accessory. At just £269.99 it’s a whole lot cheaper than a classic British Mulberry!

Lightning UK Swegway & Bluetooth Hoveboard

Lightning Design Bluetooth Hoverboard

Our “LIGHTNING” Swegway with Bluetooth has been incredibly popular this season and is only on sale while stocks last. The monochrome design is really on point for Spring Summer 2017, and yes again the versatility of this design is unreal. Use it in the park, walking the dog, at festival’s this summer: the possibilities are endless. Cruise around at 20KM/H and you’ll really be like lightning. You better catch this deal quickly, for just £269.99 you can feel the energy its creating!


Cheap Swegway Pattern Designs for Sale UK

Cheap Swegway Pattern Designs Sale UK

UK Swegways are constantly becoming even more expensive. But HOVERBOARD-PRO are determined to pass on any savings they can to their loyal and fantastic customers! with our flash sale, we’re offering up to 75% of for a limited time only and while stocks last. BUY YOUR CHEAP UK SAFE CERTIFIED HOVERBOARD NOW!

With fantastic patterns on offer in our Swegway Pattern Design Sale, you can be confidant to pick up an amazing deal at a fraction of the cost than any other Swegway Company.

The amazing Cheap Design Hoverboards we offer for sale include: SPIDERMAN, FLAME, GRAFFITI, CAMO, BUBBLES, TATTOO, LIGHTNING and BLUE CAMO. All are completely unique. All our Hoverboards and Swegways are equipped with a high power genuine Samsung battery to ensure consistent performance and maximum ride time. Every UK Swegway has integrated LED lights to give maximum visibility and incredible road clarity. The 7” tires give a fantastic comfortable ride, with charge time of only 1-2 hours, meaning you can get up and away in no time. Speed through the park up to 15KM/H and a distance of up to 25km. Guaranteed to offer you the most amazing fun!

Remember that each Hoverboard at HOVERBOARD-PRO UK is specially tested by our team in the UK. We can promise that every product you buy comes with 4.4A 36V, 158W genuine Samsung batteries as standard and has been CE Certified with MSDS Test Reports.

This amazing deal really is not to be missed. With Free home delivery, fantastic safety standards than anywhere else in the UK, we wouldn’t want you to miss out!


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– Article written by Christopher Myatt