Where Can I use My UK Swegway?

Where Can I use My UK Swegway?

Where Can I use My UK Swegway?
There are many places around Britain and the world that are perfect for using your very own UK Swegway. Finding Local places around you gives you the opportunity to get the most out of your Hoverboard.

Where to Buy UK Hoverboards Swegways

So you’ve just purchased your very own official UK Swegway from HOVERBOARD-PRO UK. Furthermore, since you’ve probably already taken advantage of our fantastic next day delivery service, you are raring to get going. But where’s the best place to ride your Hoverboard?

The Classic British Park, are the UK’s greatest outdoor spaces in cities and towns. These are fantastic green spaces with usually tarmac paths so you can role around them on any Hummer you may choose!

UK Parks are a awesome way to get to know your Swegway, practise riding it and grow your confidence. When you know your Hoverboard ‘inside and out’ and your confidence is built, you will become more adventurous and begin to play, do tricks and have a blast!


UK Swegway & Hoverboard Deals

SALE The Best Chrome Swegway & Hoverboard Deals UK

The best UK Swegway to play around with in Parks is our Chrome, Bluetooth and Bag Deal! HOVERBOARD-PRO UK’s brilliant deal will make everyone on old fashioned roller blades incredibly jealous with our amazing Chrome Hoverboards for sale.

Just pick your favourite colour and with our HOVERBOARD-PRO UK free delivery service, your Hoverboard will arrive the next day! Our Classic Chrome comes with 6.5” tyres you can whip about and reach speeds of up to 20km/PH with a distance of up to 25 Km.

Don’t worry about charging, as it only takes 2 hours with our 4.4A 36V 58W genuine Samsung Battery. With Bluetooth, connect your phone, listen to your very own playlists and enjoy the ride in the sun this summer! We’ve even made it even easier to carry your new toy about, as with our Classic Chrome Bundle you’ll now receive a free carry bag for the your lightweight Swegway!


Where Can I Use My Hoverboard UK?

All Terrain X-Trail Hummer Swegway Hoverboard Swegway for Sale UK

Dirt Tacks, Hills, Grass, steep inclines etc and the real outdoors are great for The BRAND NEW All-Terrain Monster Hummer Swegway. Need an excuse to be more adventurous, or bored of the usual ‘Walking’ way? then this Hoverboard is for you. The Hummers’ versatility is real! It can handle anything from pavements to trekking up hills!

The All-Terrain Water Resistant Monster Hummer Swegway speaks for itself quite frankly; The Monster Hoverboard for sale is the strongest Swegway for sale. Get ready to speed down those treks, the Monster HX1 model can reach speeds of up to 20km per hour with a distance of 20km without charge.

With your very own solid outdoor heavy 8.5” terrain tyres with alloy wheels, it could certainly make that weekend trip to the Peak District or even the commute to work/school more interesting this summer.

The water resistant Swegway means that you don’t have to worry about the classic wet British weather. For your safety, your water resistant Monster HX1 Swegway has a built in alarm and comes with LED headlights, with BlueTooth built in as standard so you can play your music through your iPhone and ride away!

Take advantage of HOVERBOARD-PRO UK’s Summer Sale and save a massive £300 off the RRP for just £299.99. Our Monster Swegway for sale is perfect for expert riders and Beginners alike.


Where to Ride UK Swegways & Hoverboards

Roller Disco! They were really big in the 80’s, we all went to one as children in the 80’, 90’s and 00’s but Roller Disco’s seem to be coming back! But what happens if you don’t want to go and buy your own Roller Blades? Lets not forget about the dreaded falls/bottom bruises one used to have. Maybe it’s time to reinvent the ‘Roller Disco’ and make it a ‘Swegway Disco’; wouldn’t that be so much fun?

where to buy UK Hoverboards

Let’s be honest, a Classic British Roller disco is a marvellous way to get ready and into a weekend on a Friday night. Imagine rolling around knowing you wont fall off and causing a lot of harm and damage to yourself due to knowing how to handle your own Hoverboard. Cruise around to Earth, Wind and Fire by September or Get ‘Lost in Music’ by Sister Sledge. What a load of fun!

Our Limited Edition Designer Swegways and Fun patterns would be ideal for a roller Disco. With 6,5” tyres giving a fantastic comfortable ride and only a charge time of 2 hours, you can get up and away in no time. Speed through that sports hall up to 15KM/H with a distance of up to 25km you would have the most tremendous fun!  Each UK Swegway Pro is specially tested by our team in the UK and we can promise that every product purchased from us come with 4.4A 36V, 158W official Samsung batteries as standard and has been fully UK Certified approved and tested.

Each Pattern is unique, different and fun; Show your personality off and get rolling. Remember, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK’s 75% Flash Sale is for a limited time only and while stocks last. So make the most of it!

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– Article written by Christopher Myatt