HOVERBOARD-PRO UK is the leading Swegway Company for Great British Hoverboards for sale. You’re probably reading this because you’ve been looking for a UK Certified safe Swegway for sale. If you’re looking to buy a fully certified Swegway from a UK based company then look no further than Swegway-Pro UK.

UK Swegway Hoverboard Company

Our UK Swegways offer you guaranteed reliability and safety. We provide fully certified UK Hoverboards boards from UK Stock. Our sales channels are geared specifically for the UK Market and we sell our Swegways to nobody else but our British consumers. Thousands of customers from across Great Britain and the United Kingdom shop nowhere else that at Swegway-Pro. Why? the answer is simple. HOVERBOARD-PRO is the only company that has been offering fully certified UK SAFE Hoverboards and Swegways from the very moment we were established.

In fact, Swegway-Pro is the only company that has always advocated safe boards. We have all the certifications and safety inspection sheets to prove it. From the beginning of 2015, our company warned people against purchasing Electric Scooters, Hoverboards and Swegways from unsolicited vendors. These vendors often sell through mediums such as Amazon and e-Bay. We knew that the although the prices for such boards were very low, the safety risk was too high to bare.


Safe Swegway

During the fall of 2015, the Swegway safety crisis began. We hated to say that “we told you so”, but indeed the many Swegways & Hoverboards that were purchased from vendors on eBay and Amazon were simply drop-shipped directly from China without any care or attention to the safety of the UK consumer. These cheap knock-off Swegway products came with major nuances that posed massive safety risks. To name a few, Swegways purchased from these cheap Swegway suppliers had no certifications to prove the safety of their electric scooters and came with unethical unfused Chinese clover-shaped unfused plugs.

UK Safe Swegway Hoverboard Plugs

The unfused plugs provided posed a major risk to household owners. Having unfused plugs means that in the event of an unregulated surge of electricity flowing through the plug in to the Swegway battery, there will be no fuse to stop the constant surge from overheating the Hoverboard. Therefore, the overheated Hoverboard would either malfunction very quickly or in some cases cause a fire.


Swegway with Samsung Battery

Furthermore, many of these cheap Swegway products are supplied with Chinese lithium batteries posing a risk to the home. The Chinese batteries are not only unreliable, but tend to wear away quicker. Furthermore, they did not have a cut-off switch when the Swegway was fully charged. Eventually, when the Hoverboard was charged, it would continue to feed itself with electricity current that would cause the Swegway to either overheat or, in some cases, explode.

Swegway with Samsung Battery Hoverboards

At Swegway-Pro UK, we provide only the best quality certified Samsung batteries. In fact, at HOVERBOARD-PRO, we are one of the only ever UK Swegway Company to have been built on the basis that safety is the primary function of our ethos. Our Samsung batteries are premium high quality. This means that your UK Swegway will last longer than the average cheap Hoverboard, and sustain a longer life too.


UK Swegway

There is no doubt that you probably arrived here when looking for a UK Swegway for sale. This is because HOVERBOARD-PRO is the leading supplier of fully compliant official Swegways and Hoverboards within the UK. Our quality control is second-to-none. We focus all our energy on the product quality, safety and reliability aspect of each individual Segway. In fact, our commitment to premium quality and safety means that we single-handedly open each individual Swegway package for full and thorough inspection prior to dispatching the product to our customers.

UK Swegway: Quality Hoverboards for Sale

Furthermore, we provide all our customers the privilege of our award-winning 12-month warranty, free of charge. This further emphasises our commitment to a great quality product and our confidence in providing our wonderful customers the best Swegway on the market today.


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