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UK Samsung Swegways & Hoverboards

Samsung Swegways has recently been a popular search terms on Google & Bing by customers searching to buy UK Hoverboards. It is no wonder why, as the flux of fake Swegways with cheap Chinese battery cells flood in, deeming such Smart Boards unreliable and unsafe.

Samsung Swegways & Hoverboards

At Swegway-Pro UK, we only manufacture and supply UK Samsung Swegways from the highest quality, ensuring guaranteed reliability and safety throughout the lifetime of the Hoverboard. All our Samsung Swegways have been fully inspected and certified with certifications including ROHS, MSDS, CE and UK SAFE APPROVED.


Some might be wondering why it is so vital that customers choose not to buy a cheap knock-off, and why it’s important that UK Consumers purchase from established and reputable hoverboard suppliers that provide Samsung Swegways. This article we will outline just two main factors that could influence whether you have a safe board, or a dangerous one:


Samsung Hoverboards

Samsung Hoverboards

Just like with anything fake or replicated, it is never the same as the original. If you purchase a fake Rolex, you’ll likely have it on your wrist for a few months before it falls off or a dial collapses, or it just stops working. The same applies with Hoverboards. Samsung Hoverboards are the original Swegways containing Samsung Battery cells. To cut costs, some Swegway suppliers choose not to add this vital specification in the factory stages of their product and instead replace it with a Chinese battery cell. Although this might be cheaper, it will pose a number of issues:


  1. There might not be a cut-off point when the battery is fully charged. This poses a huge risk to the customer. With Samsung Hoverboards, the customer can charge the battery using the charging adapter provided, without having to worry about it over-heating or exploding when the Samsung battery is fully charged and still plugged in. Chinese knock-offs however will continue to be fed a surge of electricity through the battery, causing it either to over-heat or explode.
  2. The battery is lesser of quality and will not last as long. Just like that fake Rolex, there’s no way that just as much engineering and efforts have gone in to a Chinese battery cell. Not enough testing for reliability, safety and longevity of the product. Samsung Hoverboards are likely to last much longer; we guarantee this by offering a 12-month warranty on the Hoverboard and a 6-month warranty on the battery.


UK Samsung Swegways

UK Samsung Swegways

Chances are if a company has provided you with Samsung Swegways, then they would probably have placed consumer safety above their profit margins. At Swegway-Pro UK, we advocate safety. For this reason, we urge all customers not to be magnetised by cheap knock-off products that could pose a risk on the safety of themselves or their loved ones.


The final point to consider when searching for Samsung Swegways and Hoverboards are plugs. In the UK, we have a 3-point plug that requires a fuse. Cheap Swegways will likely provide dangerous plugs that have been drop-shipped directly from China without any due care or attention to the UK consumer. If you’re wondering what the difference is between the Safe UK compliant plugs and the dangerous ones, read on:


  1. UK Compliant Swegway plugs are BS1373 approved and marked. This means that they have gone through the testing and safety benchmarks set by the UK compliance agencies and therefore have passed the stages for official use.


  1. UK Compliant Swegway plugs are fused. This means that should an irregular surge of electricity pass through these plugs, the fuse will stop this from passing through the adapter and in to the Swegways. This is a very important functionality of UK plugs, as it is a large deterrent against house fires and other dangerous possibilities.


  1. Although cheap Chinese knock-off plugs might indeed have a 3-point pin, it will likely come in a strange clover-shaped design and will not slot in to the plug socket as seamlessly as the UK compliant plugs do. This dangerous plug will not be BS1373 approved and will likely not be fused.



We hope you enjoyed reading this article and hope that this has given you some insight on the differences between a cheap Swegway and a UK Samsung Swegway and Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD-PRO UK.


Best Wishes,



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