UK Hoverboard and Swegway sales

UK Swegway Sales Take Britain by Storm

Swegway Sales have become huge since erupting into the world in 2015. Swegways have taken the UK by storm with small independent businesses struggling to keep up with demand and consistency of their products. Not to worry, however, as the leading UK Hoverboard company in Britain, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK, have you covered.


Since UK Swegways came onto the market in 2015, the Swegway has become increasingly popular. Due to this, Hoverboards have taken the UK by storm and 2017 is the year of the Balancing Smart Board!

The Swegway, also known as a Hoverboard, Smart Scooter, Balancing Scooter is a two-wheeled self-balancing board which is not to be confused with his older brother, a Swegway. To put it simply, the Swegway and Hoverboard is a portable electric scooter with 2 wheels, operated electronically through wheel motors and rechargeable 4.4A 36V, 158W Samsung batteries. The rider stands on the horizontal board and controls the direction with the help of the gyros and sensors.

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK Hoverboards are 100% electric. You’ll be able to glide along in peace and tranquility knowing your Swegway is 100% eco-friendly and easily transportable with the Swegway Carrier Bags. Our Swegway Bags usually come included in most of our fantastic Swegway-Pro UK Hoverboard deals.

Our quality two-wheeled, self balancing board will deliver enjoyment and convenience to all.  All our Hoverboards come equipped with high-powered Samsung batteries to ensure consistent performance and ultimate riding time. Each Swegway for sale has LED light integration, Bluetooth speakers options and UK custom safety certifications as standard.

Swegway-Pro are offering four very different yet unique Hoverboards for your choosing; The Classic, 8″ Lambo, 10″ Mammoth and the all new All-Terrain Monster Hummer Swegway. With a choice of an amazing range of different colours and designs, including limited edition patterns, our Smart Boards are now UP TO 75% OFF! due to this, it’s no wonder Swegway sales are taking the UK by storm!


Celebrities on Swegways Boom Hoverboard Sales UK

Celebrities on Swegways Boom Hoverboard Sales UK

The Swegway and Hoverboard has become a popular hit with celebrities and have caused a boom in sales for the UK. A large handful of celebrities have appeared in tabloids, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the amazing two-wheel device. Justin Bieber, Stormzy, Skrillex, The Kardashians, Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake and half of Towie and Made in Chelsea, too.

Therefore, if you want to be like Kim, or have moves like JT, your dream of being like them comes true with a Swegway-Pro UK Hoverboard. You aren’t just buying a toy, you’re also buying a lifestyle. We’re coming into the middle of the British Summer with just 2 Months left to go! it’s a perfect time to get out and about, enjoying the sunshine with your very own UK Swegway! We know just how important time is when buying product online. Therefore, we provide FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY and FREE 12-month Swegway & Hoverboard Warranty. with CE Certified and FCC, U N38.3 Samsung Batteries you can trust UK Swegway-Pro in offering you maximum safety as well as maximum fun.

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– Article written by Christopher Myatt