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The technological advances we have undergone in recent history is nothing short of incredible. When you take a moment and think about how fast transportation is evolving, you will realise our progress has been mind boggling. We have gone from horse and cartridge to high speed trains, aeroplanes, cars, motorcycles, rockets and spacecraft.

Where the future of transportation will lead may seem a mystery but imagine a world where you can hover from A – B like ‘Back To The Future’. Or glide effortlessly as you make your way to; work, school, shopping or your friends place.

UK Swegways

UK Hoverboards

What if you could enter a place you want to go, say it vocally or even select a place of interest from a list of nearby places recommended to you and you would be taken there. No matter if it was up a hill, down a hill, over bumpy terrain, you just relax and listen to your favourite tunes, watch a video, read or surf the net.

What if you could choose your route based on distance, fastest route or know when your friends or family are nearby. Well the technology for all these things already exists and is used in multiple devices and gadgets, however to combine them has yet to be done.

This is where Hoverboards or Swegways come in, currently you can glide along effortlessly and look like you’re from something in the future you can even listen to your favourite tunes on your Swegways built in bluetooth speakers. But as we progress forward it’s only a matter of time before GPS is built in and the gadget automated for self-drive, improvements to the wheels and the addition of suspension will see it take on steeper hills and more rugged terrain.

At Swegway Pro UK we are inspired by the potential of this technology and as such have directed our efforts to not only provide you with high quality and safe Swegway boards, we are working closely with our manufacturing and research and development teams to bring you the latest and best Swegways.

UK HoverboardsUK Hoverboard Testing

UK Swegways Board

Our emphasis has been on quality, customer service and safety since day one. We are seeing the fruits of our effort in customer satisfaction and growth, our area of operation has rapidly increased to encompass the whole United Kingdom and beyond and has seen us raise to become a leading supplier of UK Swegway boards.

Our emphasis on quality means all our UK Swegway boards are fitted with genuine heavy duty Samsung batteries and our product CE inspected and marked.

UK Swegway Boards UK Swegway Boards Samsung

Our emphasis on customer service means all our customers benefit from 1 year warranty, free UK delivery and tracking, secure payments, dedicated customer support line and an exceptional aftercare service through our in house repair centre.

Our emphasis on safety means all our customers can have the peace of mind knowing that they have been provided with a high quality and safe UK Swegway board that has passed rigorous testing and quality control procedures, passed CE and ASDS inspection and complies with British Standards.

We do the extra work to give you the peace of mind that you or your loved ones have been provided with the safest UK Swegways and Hoverboards on the market and to maintain our reputation as a leading supplier of UK Swegway and Hoverboards.

Visit our online shop to view our range of UK Swegways and Hoverboards and get yours today.

For any further information about any of our products contact us or call our customer support line on 0113 320 2299.



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