Celebrities on Swegway and Hoverboard

Swegway Pro Lily Allen Showcases her Hoverboard Skills

Lily Allen seems to be using her Swegway board to glide back in to the lime light, or maybe she really is just making breakfast fun.

She posted: this Swegway was created for “gliding around whilst I eat cereal and that’s just what I’ll do”
on Wednesday, 5 August.

Cereal in hand, Lilly effortlessly moves around her home with extraordinary balance and skill.

The soundtrack of choice: Sinatra’s “‘These Boots Were Made for Walking”.

Hoverboards have been the latest craze here in the UK, with other celebrities from all around the world showcasing their Swegway skills. If you’ve never tried one of these amazing Swegway Boards, then we seriously recommend you do – It’s addictive and mad fun! These Hoverboards are now looking to be the number one item on everyone’s Christmas wishlist and without a doubt the number one seller in the UK!

One of the things that UK customers need to keep in mind however, is where they buy their Swegways from. Always make sure that they are from a trusted UK Seller, is UK stocked and is not a direct import from China, which is where unfortunately the majority of Swegway boards come from when buying on platforms such as Amazon or Ebay etc.

SegwayPro UK is the number one UK seller of high quality British Swegway Boards. We manufacture them to UK standards, from the Samsung battery heavy duty battery through to the safe UK plugs, chargers and fuses. Don’t be fooled by the cheap knock-off Swegway Boards – buy from HOVERBOARD-PRO and get the peace of mind that the product you are purchasing is the real deal!

You can see our full list of Hoverboards for sale at our Online Store

Our Swegway Boards range in colours, including Black, Blue, Red, White and Gold.

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