Best Hoverboards for sale in UK?

HOVERBOARD PRO is a successful independent Hoverboard Company selling the best Hoverboards for sale in UK. This October we have some amazing Swegways for sale! Take a look at our huge Autumn Sale for the best prices and deals both online and in-store.

Best Hoverboards for sale in UK SWEGWAYS

Over the years customers have thankfully become a lot more savvy when purchasing product on the internet. For example, back in 2015 when Hoverboards first begun to exist, many bad knock-off Swegways were on sale. However, many customers were attracted to the cheap prices that these Hoverboards would go on sale for. Due to this, many would go on purchasing the knock-off Hoverboards for sale only to find that these were eventually dangerous or would fail them weeks on.

Furthermore, many of these Hoverboard sellers would later disappear and become unaccountable. This causes a lot of distress to the consumer. It is mainly due to this that HOVERBOARD PRO exists. We set up our company at the back-end of 2015 when all of this was happening. It was our mission then – as it is now – to provide the UK consumer with the best Hoverboards for sale in UK.

Fast-forward 3 years later and HOVERBOARD PRO is now the UK’s leading Hoverboard Seller in the country. We have grown massively to provide all our UK consumers with genuine UK Swegways for sale.

In this article, we will highlight just what makes us the UK’s largest and most reputable Hoverboard company there is.

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Best Hoverboards for sale in UK

Best Hoverboards for sale in UK

Did you know that HOVERBOARD PRO undergo strict processes to provide you with the best Hoverboards for sale in UK? That’s right, we don’t cut corners. In fact, our supply chain undergoes strict regulations and processes to guarantee 100% UK Safe and UK certified Hoverboards and Swegways, directly to you.

Let’s start by explaining the safety of our products. Our Hoverboards are simply the UK safest Swegways. We design our Hoverboards for sale here in England before manufacturing. Due to this, we are able to guarantee that what goes in to our Hoverboards is entirely bespoke for the UK Consumer. Thereafter, our dedicated team go on the ground in the factories to oversee the whole manufacturing process. It is this that allows us to have the peace of mind that our products are exactly as we designed them.

Furthermore, each Hoverboard is then provided with its very own unique serial number. We do this in order so that whatever happens, it can be re-traced back to the batch it came from. This is not done however until the Hoverboard has been independently verified and tested under UK directives. Meaning, each UK SWEGWAY undergoes strict testing to verify the safety and authenticity of the Self-Balancing Scooter.

Our Hoverboards are then awarded the most prestigious safety certificates including UL, RoHS, CE, MSDS and others. This is what makes our Hoverboards the safest boards on the market, guaranteed.

Having the best Hoverboards for sale in UK

Best Hoverboards for sale UK Swegways

As already mentioned, HOVERBOARD PRO undergo strict processes to guarantee the best Hoverboards for sale in UK. Once our Hoverboards are UK tested and certified, we keep them in our local fulfilment centre ready for immediate dispatch. Therefore, customers can be rest assured that all our Hoverboards are from UK STOCK. Due to this, each Hoverboard you order will have FREE next day delivery.

Our fulfilment centre is local, meaning that not only will you have next day delivery that’s absolutely free, but you’ll also have it delivered by a local DPD driver. DPD is our courier of choice due to the following factors:

  1. We provide next day delivery service guaranteed by DPD
  2. The most reputable courier company in the UK and the UK’s largest courier service
  3. Full tracking details provided with real-time tracking services
  4. Customers will be provided with e-mail and text messages with a 1-hour time window of the drivers delivery on the day
  5. Customers can enter the DPD system to change the delivery date, time, address or add special delivery instructions for the local driver

If this isn’t enough, HOVERBOARD PRO also offers our customers with 1 year warranty, too!

It doesn’t stop there, however. Read on to find out what else makes HOVERBOARD PRO sell the best Hoverboards for sale in UK.

Best Hoverboards UK

Best Hoverboards Sale UK Swegways

In addition to the above, there are many other reasons why we simply provide the Best Hoverboards UK. For starters, each Hoverboard purchased by you will undergo certain rituals by us before dispatch. For example, we single-handedly unpack and inspect each Hoverboard before it gets sent out to you.

This is part of our quality control procedure and guarantees that what you receive is as expected. Due to this, we have one of the highest customer satisfaction rating in the UK. Our customers love us because we love our customers. We live and breathe Hoverboards and so there’s no better place to purchase a UK Swegway than here.

if the above processes are still not enough to convince you, then here’s more reason why we’re the UK’s favourite:

  1. 24/7 customer service and aftercare support
  2. 100% UK Based and VAT registered
  3. One of the only Hoverboard companies to have a physical retail store – not just online!
  4. FREE next day delivery
  5. FREE 1 year warranty
  6. 24/7 Live Chat service
  7. Longest established Hoverboard company, since 2015
  8. 100% Samsung batteries and UK Safe Certified Hoverboards for sale
  9. UL Certified chargers
  10. Hoverboards from UK Design

Want more information about our Best Hoverboards for sale in UK? If so, please get in touch by calling 0113 320 2299 and speak to one of our helpful staff. Our lines are open 24/7 so we’re always available to handle your request.


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