Check this video showcasing Hoverboard attachments that you never knew exist! YouTube blogger Guava Juice puts the Hoverboard attachments to the test.

In this latest YouTube video, video blogger Guava Juice test out some of the wackiest Hoverboard Attachments available on the market. In just over 8 minutes, Guava Juice provides entertaining reviews on 3 popular Hoverkart attachments. However, in the video we see that some of these attachments are not as practical as others.

Take a look at the video for a rundown on the best Hoverboard attachments you didn’t know exist! Also note that our lovely Hoverboard family are able to purchase the Hoverkart attachment featuring in this video too!

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Hoverboard Attachments: Swegway Kart Review

In the below video, Guava Juice provides us with insight on how much more fun the Hoverboard is with attachments!

In this video review, the YouTube blogger provides us with a total of three Hoverboard Attachments which you can use on a Swegway. However, you later see that not all attachments are as practical as others.

For example, in the first part of the video he shows us the Hoverseat. The Hoverseat is an attachment that came to exist very early on in the Hoverboard world. While Swegway attachment was popular in America some while ago, it never really took off in the UK.

In the second part of the video Guava Juice tries out the Hoverseat XL. It’s pretty much similar to the previous product he tests but made for carrying a bit of cargo in the rear. He demonstrates this by carrying a cooler box to the rear of the Hoverseat.

Eventually however, the successful YouTube blogger tests out the all-popular and much sought-after Hoverkart attachment. In this part of the video he demonstrates how you can easily assemble the Kart. By simply attaching the seat to the backside of the Kart and strapping it in nice and tight, the Hoverkart proves to be crazy fun!

Furthermore, Guava Juice goes to note how the Hoverkart Hoverboard attachments allows the rider to go super fast. He does all this while demonstrating how easily you can spin and rotate in quick motion.

The fastest Hoverboard attachment

Hoverboard Attachments Hoverkart UK Swegway

In the final part of the video, Guava Juice demonstrates which is the fastest Hoverboard Attachments of the three. Could it be the Hoverseat or the Hoverkart? The blogger with the help of ‘Marshmallow’ put the Hoverboard Attachments to the test in a short race.

During the race however, the Hoverkart and Hoverseat get put to their test in terms of their speed, agility and ability to manoeuvre. Unfortunately for Marshmallow however, he got to race using the Hoverseat. Therefore, Guava Juice annihilates the Hoverseat with his Hoverkart Go-Kart attachment.

The Hoverkart proves to be the quicker and more controllable Hoverboard attachments by a long way.

So what are you waiting for? Change the way you ride your Hoverboard forever with the amazing new Hoverkart!

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