Best Hoverboards in UK? We Think So!

We know too well that buying a good Hoverboard isn’t easy. With so many hoax knock-off Swegways, it’s a whirlwind trying to find the best Hoverboards in the UK. Luckily, HOVERBOARD PRO is here to provide British consumers with the best Hoverboards in the UK! Don’t believe us? Take a look at our vast range of premium Hoverboards for sale made from UK Design right here.

Best Hoverboards in the UK

HOVERBOARD PRO established in 2015 solely for the purpose of providing UK consumers with British Hoverboards. This means that not only are our Hoverboards made from British design, but they’re properly certified independently under all British directives of safety. So when it comes to quality, reliability and safety, our Hoverboards are the best in the UK.

There are not many Hoverboard companies out there who can claim the same. We’ve invested heavily in research and development only to bring you a masterpiece of a Hoverboard. Each model brings with it a unique approach to Segway your life into motion. From the 6.5-inch Hoverboards for sale through to the 8.5-inch and 10-inch range of Swegways for sale. Whatever it is that you’re after, be comfortable in the knowledge that there’s simply no better Hoverboard out there in England.

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Best Hoverboards in the UK

Best Hoverboards UK 2019

In this article, we will highlight some of the key motives for purchasing a premium Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD PRO. Here are a few reasons why we’re the best place to buy Hoverboards in the UK:

  1. HOVERBOARD PRO is the longest established Hoverboard company in England, est. 2015.
  2. Our Hoverboards are designed by ourselves here in England before the manufacturing phase
  3. We use only the best quality components and PCB modules
  4. All our batteries are either made from Samsung or LG battery cells
  5. Providing in-house warranty services across our entire Hoverboard range
  6. The best customer service in the country with 24/7 live chat and telephone lines
  7. wholly UK VAT registered – very good for accountability!

Longest running Hoverboard company in the UK

Est. 2015, we are the longest running Hoverboard company in England. In fact, it’s safe to say that 90% of the companies kicking around back in 2015 have now disappeared. However, HOVERBOARD PRO has been consistently providing the UK with the best Hoverboards in the UK. Growing from strength to strength, we build our reputation on quality, reliability, safety and great customer experience. With centres in the North and South of England, we’re proud of our history and what we have become today.

Best Hoverboards made from UK Design

Each HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard is from British design. Made from British design means that not only do we hand-pick each component that goes into our Swegway, but we oversee the entire process, too. This strict process guarantees that what we design is indeed implemented. This is how we’re able to guarantee our best Hoverboards for sale in the UK. Of course, being from UK design also means that our Hoverboards are fully UK Compliant and certified under all British directives of safety – although that goes without saying.

The best components, nothing less

We’re proud to offer our customers the best Hoverboards in the UK. In doing so, we must ensure that we use only the best components and nothing less. Our research and development team invest heavily on guaranteeing reliability and safety from the ground up. We’re not all about the cheap gimmicks or dangerous thrills. If it doesn’t meet our highest benchmark of quality, reliability and safety, then it’s not going into our Hoverboard.

Good quality and safe Batteries made by Samsung

Did you know that Samsung does not ‘make’ the Hoverboard battery pack, nor do they have any affiliation to the Hoverboard Swegway? This doesn’t mean that we can’t use the most reliable and safe battery cells which go into the pack itself. All our battery packs contain genuine Samsung battery cells for the purpose of safety, reliability and quality.

We provide a 12-month warranty – never outsourced.

When we say that all our Hoverboards come with a 12-month warranty, we mean it. Unlike many knock-off boards and hoax companies in the internet world, we mean what we say. Many bad companies claim to offer a warranty but will either:

  • disappear within the 12-months of your purchase, leaving you with no cover at all
  • outsource their warranty service to a third-party company, costing time and money and major barriers of communication

So don’t be fooled by those cheap prices on the internet. Be sure to purchase a genuine British Hoverboard from a genuine independent Swegway retailer.

24/7 Hoverboard Customer Service

Did you know that SWEGAY PRO is the only Hoverboard company in England providing 24/7 customer service? In addition to this, all our customer service representatives are UK-Based and have years of Hoverboard industry experience. So when you give us a call, you’re sure to be given the best customer service, knowledge and advice. Customers can either use our live chat facility within the website or call 0113 320 2299 – give us a try!

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