WARNING: Cheap HOVERBOARDS From China May Be Dangerous

Hoverboards in China may be cheap, but there are severe consequences to purchasing one. Cheap Swegways for sale can be dangerous to both you and your child at home. Due to cheap Hoverboards being sold directly from China, it’s easy to fall foul of purchasing one, even at times by accident. The rule of thumb here is that if a Hoverboard is too cheap to be true, then it’s likely very dangerous.

Cheap Hoverboards sale from China dangerous

Purchasing your Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD PRO is the only guarantee that you can buy a British safe Hoverboard. All our Swegways for sale exceed the standards set under all British directives of safety. Recently, we learned of a story from a couple in the United States who purchased a Hoverboard from Amazon. Their cheap Hoverboard which was purchased from Amazon and shipped from China caught on fire.

While the couple attempted to sue Amazon for negligence, the case failed and Amazon was released from their liability. This is due to the terms and conditions set by Amazon releasing them from any responsibility between the marketplace and the Chinese seller. Therefore, purchasing Hoverboards from Amazon indicates that there is no liability should a cheap Hoverboard cause any harm to you.

Amazon and eBay are one of the few marketplaces that sell cheap knock-off Hoverboards which are dangerous. This is due to the large volume of unsolicited vendors drop-shipping cheap and dangerous Hoverboards directly from China.

Amazon Sells Cheap Hoverboards from China

Amazon Sells Cheap Hoverboards from China

According to recent news, Amazon have been once again sued by an unhappy customer after a Hoverboard caught on fire in his home. Unfortunately, marketplaces who sell cheap knock-off Swegways and Hoverboards for sale cannot guarantee safety. This is due to the large volume of independent sellers who advertise Hoverboards on the site.

It is easy to be attracted to the cheap price-tag of many of these cheap Hoverboards from China. However, many of these Hoverboards are dangerous, leaving many wishing they paid that little bit more for safety and reliability.

On the 2nd of April 2019 a Judge concluded that the couple could not sue Amazon because they did not manufacture the cheap Hoverboard from China. Since the vendor was an independent Chinese seller, there was no responsibility for Amazon.

At HOVERBOARD PRO we cannot encourage you enough to make sure that the Hoverboards you purchase are British certified and UK safe. All Hoverboards must meet the specific safety regulations that are required under all British directives of safety.

Many customers are quick to buy cheap Hoverboards for sale. However, it is precisely these Swegways that pose the biggest risks and added costs to maintaining them. Such Hoverboards for sale are usually less than £180 but the repair costs could land you extra costs of up to £200!

Premium Hoverboards by HOVERBOARD PRO

Hoverboard Kart Bundle Chrome Purple Swegway Sale UK

At HOVERBOARD PRO we’re currently offering up to 75% off on all of our premium Hoverboards for sale. This sale helps customers to purchase a quality Swegway made from British design. They are UK safe and cost from only £199.99 inclusive of VAT.

Have you had a look at our exceptional deal of the week offers? Convert your Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart with our amazing Hoverkart accessories! You can purchase a Hoverboard and Kart together while saving you even more money with our bundle offers. Each Bundle comes with our premium Hoverboard, carrier bag and original Hoverkart. Our Hoverboard and Go-Kart bundles are from just £229.99 including free next day delivery and 12 month warranty, helping you save up to £50!

Beware of Third-Party Hoverboard Sellers

Beware Hoverboard Sellers

Marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Gumtree and Ali Express all contain a huge number of third-party sellers. These sellers are mostly foreign vendors trying to make money by selling cheap knock-off Hoverboards made from dangerous components and without any care or attention to the UK consumer.

Therefore, purchasing items such as Hoverboards and Swegways from third-party sellers will always be risky. Instances of Hoverboards catching fire are due to these very cheap and unreliable Hoverboards for sale from these third-party sellers.

Buying a cheap Hoverboard will never save you money. You will end up spending far more on the repair and maintenance due to their lack of reliability. Most third-party Hoverboard sellers tend to use cheap non-compliant batteries and knock-off components which cause Hoverboards to malfunction or cause harm to the rider. By the time you have repaired or replaced the faulty components of your cheap Hoverboard it would have cost you far more than if you had purchased an official Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD PRO.

Furthermore, our 75% off Spring Hoverboard sale guarantees premium, UK safe Hoverboards at affordable prices without any of the worries of maintenance fees! At HOVERBOARD PRO we have no involvement with third-party selling websites and sell our official Hoverboards direct from our own website and retail stores.

Each single Hoverboard from sale is made from UK design and is 100% UK safe compliant. So don’t make the mistake of buying cheap Hoverboards from China and instead have the peace of mind you and your child deserve.

Purchase Quality Hoverboards For Sale UK

Purchase Quality Hoverboards For Sale UK

At HOVERBOARD PRO we’re the UK’s favourite Hoverboard seller guaranteeing you quality, premium and affordable Hoverboards for sale. We’re the longest established Hoverboard company in the UK with a great reputation to match. Take a look at our excellent Hoverboard reviews to see what our customers have to say about us!

At HOVERBOARD PRO we go the extra mile to ensure that we never have safety issues similar to those cheap Hoverboards from China. We exist solely to provide a UK Safe Hoverboard for UK Consumers without the fear of Hoverboards catching on fire or causing any damage in and around your home.

All of our Hoverboards for sale are made from UK Design and are powered by genuine Samsung batteries. Furthermore, all of our Hoverboard chargers are UL certified and come with BS1363 approved fused UK plugs.

At HOVERBOARD PRO customer service is very important to us. We’re proud to offer customers with the best customer service in the industry. With our 24-hour telephone and live chat service, we’re always available for you. Furthermore, each premium Hoverboard for sale comes with our 12-month warranty and free next day delivery services at no extra cost.

You owe yourself the peace of mind you deserve; purchase a Hoverboard from us and guarantee yourself and your loved one a premium quality Swegway for sale today!


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