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Buying Hoverboards From Reputable UK Company

Buying Hoverboards From a Reputable UK Company….

Buying hoverboards on Amazon and eBay might seem like the best choice; you get cheap products from the comfort of your own home, however, while it might be cheap it certainly isn’t the best choice. In fact, you might just end up buying poor quality products that will cost you more when having to repair or throw them away.

Buying Hoverboards From Reputable UK Company

Hoverboards sold online from unsolicited vendors are in most cases drop-shipped directly from China with no care or attention to the safety of UK customers. These hoverboards will not only be bad quality, but batteries will also wear away faster, often putting your life and others at risk. Bad battery cells and non-compliant plugs have often been the cause of fires, many due to either poor design or fake components.


UK Company: Where to Buy UK Hoverboards

Where to Buy UK Hoverboards

When buying a UK hoverboards, you’re always better off buying it directly from a 100% reputable British Swegway UK company, rather than through a third party vendor. Below are some of the reasons why buying from a UK Company matters:


  1. A British Company is bound by UK Consumer Right Law

Any product purchased from a UK company will require that they follow strict guidelines, protecting the customer. Furthermore, Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD-PRO UK are UK SAFE APPROVED, meaning that that our smart boards are fully certified and UK compliant.

For this reason, you can be assured that our UK Swegways are not only safe, but of very high quality.


  1. Passed All UK Safety Procedures and Guidelines

All our UK Hoverboards pass the required safety procedures and guidelines before being released on the market. This means each and every UK hoverboard sold has been thoroughly tested for safety and reliability, guaranteeing that our boards do not pose any risk. In fact, we personally unpack each individual Swegway and test them prior to dispatching it to you.


  1. We’re THE UK Hoverboard Specialists

We live and breathe UK Swegways. Our speciality encompasses all aspects of Smart Boards, Hoverboards, Swegways, Smart Scooters and Self-Balancing Wheels. This alone should be a good reason to buy UK hoverboards from genuine UK suppliers who are passionate about Swegways. Our specialist nature means that we guarantee you a better quality product in comparison to others, making sure that each one passes our high benchmark of quality and safety.


  1. 24-Hour Customer Support

Swegway-Pro UK offers all our lovely customers with 24-hour support. We’re here to ensure that you have all the assistance that you may need. Whether you want to make a quick purchase or you require immediate hoverboard assistance, HOVERBOARD-PRO have your back.

Unlike other retailers, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK has one of the best after sale service in the country. We’re one of a select few UK Hoverboard companies offering after-sales services, ensuring customers have all the information needed about the product as well as support thereafter. This is not possible with online retailers who provide unsolicited and impersonalised vendors that will sell you a product and leave you in darkness.


  1. UK based in-house Repair Centre

If you need a hoverboard repair, we are the go-to place. Getting your board repaired from HOVERBOARD-PRO is easy. We’re a British company with 24/7 customer support. Our 12-month warranty service has one of the fastest turnaround rates in the country!


In conclusion, if you’re looking to buy a UK Hoverboard, save your money and avoid getting it from unsolicited vendors. UK-based companies such as have a higher benchmark of both quality and safety.

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