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Check out this Crazy Hoverboard Football video! Football skills are pretty difficult and impressive to begin with. However, combine that with a Hoverboard and you’re onto a winner!

We’ve shown you many clips in the past but trust us on this one. We’re not exaggerating when we say that this one is extremely cool. This is insanely skilful and quite hard to get ones head around, truthfully. There’s no way, shape or form that any of the Hoverboard team at HOVERBOARD PRO would be able to consider doing this on two feet, let alone two wheels.

Not only do these guys show brilliant on the ball skills but they also showcase a level of prowess off the ball in terms of their ability to manoeuvre across the court at rapid speeds with such dexterity and calm control.

These guys wheel across the court like seasoned professionals on both the Hoverboard Swegway and in the game of football.

We love seeing people combine their sporting skills and talents with their prowess on the Hoverboard. Do you have something similar to show us? Perhaps you’ve got some Tekkers yourself. If so, please send us your footage and we’ll be more than happy to feature it on our website and social media!

We absolutely love the Crazy Hoverboard Football video above. However, we can’t help but think of other ways we can use Swegways and Hoverboards with some extra skill. Send us your ideas and we’ll try to make it work!

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Hoverboard Football: Swegways for Sale UK

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