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Please see below some of our FAQs, most frequently asked questions:

Where is HOVERBOARD PRO based?

HOVERBOARD PRO LTD is a registered limited company in England and Wales. We are based in Leeds, UK. All of our stock is dispatched the same day for next day delivery via DPD, directly from our UK Warehouse.

FAQs: I don’t know where to buy a genuine Hoverboard.

If in doubt Call Us. You can speak with one of the Hoverboard team within minutes. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our company, the product or our service. We can also help you to identify our official stockists, retailers and trade sellers.

FAQs: How long will delivery take?

All Orders placed before 2 pm will receive their product the next working day. However, please allow up to 3 business days during busy periods such as Christmas. If you have not received your Hoverboard within 3 working days please get in touch. Hoverboards purchased for Ireland and British Isles should typically allow an additional working day.

FAQs: I’ve received a completed order notification but not my product?

A completed order notification means our dispatch team have prepared your product for delivery. Keep your eyes on the tracking information. Tracking details will be provided in the e-mail and also by text message. As soon as your order is with the courier, your tracking information will be updated with an estimated delivery date and time (one hour slot). You may then contact the courier (DPD) directly to arrange re-delivery, collection or make alternative arrangements.

FAQs: Can I pay using PayPal?

HOVERBOARD PRO accepted all major debit and credit cards including PayPal as a method of payment. Our primary payment provider is Checkout.com. Checkout.com is one of the largest provider of online payment services in the UK. All payments taken are 100% SSL encrypted and secure. We will never see or store your card details. All of this info is safely processed by our merchant.

FAQs: Are Hoverboards safe for children?

We do not recommend those under 16 to use Swegways without adult supervision. The minimum weight on most of our products is 30kg so please carefully check the product description before purchase. If you’re unsure, please use our Live Chat service or call 0113 320 2299 for guidance.

FAQs: How do I use a Hoverboard?

Check out our tutorials below:

How to Ride a Swegway

FAQs: Are Hoverboards allowed on public roads?

Hoverboards are not road legal. Please refrain from using Swegways on public roads and footpaths. You are free to use in private recreational spaces, parks and fields as well as in the home and garden.

FAQs: My Hoverboard is vibrating. Is it broken?

Not necessarily. Hoverboards often need re-calibrating due to the nature of their gyroscopic technology. Juddering or vibrations either whilst riding or after dismount are usually a sign the board needs a re-calibration. Please give us a call if you’re not sure how to do this on 0113 320 2299.

FAQs: How long does the battery last?

All Hoverboards are fitted with a heavy-duty li-ion battery. Your Hoverboard will last for 1-3 hours of continuous use. This of course depends on a few variable such as weight, gradient, terrain etc. The battery light on the Hoverboard will flash red when the battery has only 10% power left. Once the battery warning light is illuminated red, please dismount, turn the board off and charge.

FAQs: How long does charging take?

Your Hoverboard will be fully charged in 2-3 hours. Please do not charge your Hoverboard for more than 3 hours.

The charger will show red light whilst the battery is charging and will illuminate green once a full charge has been given.

If you plan to store a lithium battery for a period of more than 30 days please ensure a full charge is given prior to storage. Another charge may be required after 30 days.

FAQs: How do I know I am purchasing a genuine product?

Beware of self balance boards with non standard plugs. These are counterfeit items and are not manufactured by certified companies. All genuine Hoverboards from swegway-pro.co.uk come boxed with our hologram stickers, certifications and manuals for authenticity.

All of our genuine Hoverboards come with British Standard plugs which complies with BS 1363 and is marked so on the plug. Furthermore, our boards and components are CE and UL certified. All certification documents, certificated and test reports can be produced upon request.

FAQs: Do you have a store?

We have one store in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We also have a fulfilment centre in Barking, Essex.

Can I collect?

Of course. You can order online and collect in-store or pop into store and purchase and take away on the day.

Do you offer warranty?

Yes, all of our products come with a one year warranty on selected internal computerised parts. Accidental, crash and/or water damage is not covered under this warranty. Accessories are not covered under warranty. Batteries are covered for a period of 6 months.

Is my Hoverboard waterproof?

No, the Hoverboard is not waterproof. Please refrain from riding the Swegway in wet weather particularly the Bluetooth models. The water resistance rating is IP52 and the Off-Road Hummer models are IP54.

Can I take my Hoverboard on Holiday ?

You can take your Hoverboard anywhere by road or sea. The size of the lithium battery is larger than is allowed on most aircraft but please do check the prohibited items list before you travel. The battery size is 36V x 4.4Ah.

If you have any additional questions please give us a call or fill out our contact form.


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