Cyber Monday 2019 has begun and we have the best Hoverboard Deals and offers on sale! Find our best Swegway deals and offers on sale NOW this Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday 2018 Hoverboard Sale UK

This Cyber Monday 2019 has kicked off with the best Hoverboard deals to ever land online at HOVERBOARD-PRO. While our Smart Boards have never been better, our prices have never been cheaper!

HOVERBOARD-PRO is the UK’s leading and most trustworthy Hoverboard Supplier, making us the best choice for customers nationwide. One simple look at what our customers say about us and we’re sure you’ll be comforted in the knowledge that you’re buying from one of the most reputable Swegway companies in the UK.

We pride ourselves in having the safest Swegways on the market, UK tested and approved. Furthermore, our pride expands to servicing our customers with the best aftercare in the industry. Our premium high-quality Swegways and Hoverboards for sale this Cyber Monday 2019 gives you the opportunity to buy the best for less!

Cyber Monday 2019: Hoverboard & Swegway Sale

Cyber Monday 2018 Hoverboard Sale

This Cyber Monday 2019 we have the best Hoverboard and Swegway Sale and offers just for you. Our exclusive Cyber Monday Hoverboard Deals span across our widest range of Swegway models for sale.

Our latest and most exclusive Cyber Monday Hoverboard deals have landed! For just £229.99, customers can now bundle 3 products in 1! Make the most out of your Hoverboard this Cyber Monday 2019 and purchase a Premium Hoverboard, Original Hoverkart and a Carrier Bag ALL for just £229.99! Furthermore, all our prices include FREE next day delivery and 12-month warranty!

HOVERBOARD-PRO, established in 2015 started off as an online-based company dedicated to providing UK consumers with UK SAFE Hoverboards. Since then, we have grown massively, providing Hoverboards across the United Kingdom and nationwide. We have expanded our centres both in the North and South of England. In 2017 HOVERBOARD-PRO also opened its very first Hoverboard Store and Retail Shop, as well as expanding its warranty centre for a better customer service experience.

Although HOVERBOARD-PRO has a physical retail presence, we are still one of the UK’s largest online retailer of premium quality Hoverboards for sale. Therefore, it is our duty to provide our lovely Hoverboard customers with exclusive Cyber Monday 2019 Hoverboards for sale.

Our best Hoverboard deals and offers won’t last too long though! As usual, we always sell out before Christmas. Therefore, once the countdown clock has reached zero, we can no longer guarantee our prices! Don’t let the countdown clock beat you this time; BUY NOW to avoid disappointment. Make someones Christmas the best yet with our amazing UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale this Cyber Monday 2019.

Cyber Monday Hoverboards UK Swegways

Cyber Monday Hoverboards UK Swegways

Cyber Monday is the last of this year’s amazing SALE. Our Cyber Monday Hoverboards UK Swegways come once a year. However, this year offers record low prices! We’re offering the cheapest Hoverboards since we began. While our products have been refined and engineered to incrementally improve over time as we strive to perfect our UK Hoverboards for you, our prices have never been cheaper!

All our Hoverboards are from UK Design. Due to this, we personally handpick and select each component that goes into our Hoverboards for sale. Thereafter, we independently verify and test our Hoverboards in order to verify and authenticate the safety and reliability of our Swegways. In addition to this, we provide all our lovely Hoverboard customers with exclusive 12-month warranty service on every Swegway you purchase. Unlike many other Hoverboard companies, our warranty centres are UK-based. In fact, our centre is based in our home-town of Leeds, West Yorkshire. Due to this, we’re able to guarantee a fast and efficient repair service; often within just 3 days!

Cyber Monday Online UK Hoverboard Deals

Cyber Monday 2018 Hoverboard Deals UK Swegways

We all know how daunting it is to buy a Swegway or Hoverboard online. Especially with so many hoax companies disguised as UK-based when in fact they’re dropshipping cheap knock-off Hoverboards. These vendors, unfortunately, have on duty or care for the safety of UK consumers. Do not fall foul of cheap knock-off Hoverboards. To help customers identify a good Hoverboard company we’ve written a helpful article you can read here.

Nonetheless, we don’t want our beautiful customers to miss out on the most amazing Cyber Monday 2019 Hoverboard deals and Swegway offers! Therefore, should you want any help or advice then we are more than happy to speak to you.

Customers can call and speak to a member of our 24/7 Hoverboard specialist team on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, you can use our LIVE CHAT service at the bottom right side of this screen. This allows you to speak to a member of our team in real-time for all the best help and advice you might need.


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