Looking to purchase the best HOVERBOARDS UK Models? If so, HOVERBOARD PRO have a huge range of HOVERBOARDS® for sale. This article explains each model for you.

Hoverboards UK Models which one

Searching for the right Hoverboard to buy can be quite a minefield. With so many companies providing a variety of models, which one is best?

In this article we aim to provide you with some guidance on which Hoverboard you should purchase. We don’t tell you what to buy, but we’ll hopefully equip you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Firstly, you should know that not all Hoverboards are the same. In fact, the amount of hoax foreign-based companies disguised as being UK-Based but drop shipping is gigantic at this time of the year. The consequences of purchasing a cheap knock-off Hoverboard from these vendors can be disastrous.

Don’t let your Christmas, Birthday or special gift become a misery. Be sure to purchase from a proper Hoverboard company such as HOVERBOARD PRO. For more information about what makes a GOOD HOVERBOARD COMPANY please check out this guide.

Secondly, one must know that Hoverboards are manufactured from various places in China. However, it is entirely up to the vendor what kind of materials are used, how safe these materials are and whether they’re UK Certified right here under British directives of safety.

Want more information about our Hoverboards UK models for sale? If so, please get in touch with us on our 24/7 help-line 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, use our Live Chat service below.


Best Hoverboards UK 2018

At HOVERBOARD-PRO.co.uk all Hoverboards for sale are made from UK Design and specification. Furthermore, we’re proud to be a wholly UK-Based company operating and selling specifically in the UK and to the UK consumer.

This not only means that we’re bringing you our Hoverboards UK Models from UK STOCK, but it also means they’re bespoke designed for you.

Therefore, customers can be confident when purchasing a Hoverboard UK from HOVERBOARD PRO that they’re getting only the best. All our Premium Hoverboards undergo a strict chain supply from the ground up. Lets’ explain what happens with our Hoverboards and the heart that goes in to making sure you receive only the best Swegway for sale:

  • All our Hoverboards are from UK Design right here in England. We carefully hand-pick each and every component that goes in to our Hoverboards for sale.
  • Once our designs are complete we have them manufactured under our watchful eye. This means that we visit the factories on the ground to ensure that what goes in to our premium Hoverboards for sale are indeed from our very own design.
  • After the Hoverboards UK models are complete and are here in England, we have then independently tested. Our testing is conducted by independent testers to verify the safety and authenticity of our Premium Hoverboards for sale.
  • Once our tests are complete we are awarded 200 pages worth of certifications which comply to all British directives of safety. These certifications include UL, RoHS, CE, MSDS and more.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase a Premium Hoverboard for sale only at HOVERBOARD PRO. Shop our full range of Hoverboards UK models for sale by visiting our online store here.

Which Hoverboards UK model should I choose?

which Hoverboards UK Models should choose

With so many Hoverboards UK models available its tough to figure out which Swegway is best for you. In this article we’ll break down some of our amazing premium Hoverboards for sale. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make the most informed decision about what is best for you or your loved ones.

However, if you’re still unsure or wish to speak to a Hoverboard specialist please contact us. Our lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, customers can use our HOVERBOARD PRO Live Chat service below.

So without further delay, let us begin by explaining our Premium Hoverboards UK model range of Swegway for sale:

Classic 6.5 inch HOVERBOARDS UK

Hoverboard for sale UK Classic Pink M1

The Classic 6.5 inch HOVERBOARDS UK for sale are our cheapest price Hoverboards yet with all the premium features included. The 6.5 inch solid rubber tyres and strong forged steel chassis housed by metallic paint gives you an array of colours and designs to choose from.

Our Classic 6.5 inch Hoverboards for sale are excellent value for money and have all the features of a Premium Swegway. With built-in Bluetooth speakers and some excellent colours to choose from, the Classic Hoverboard for sale is always a best-seller.

Hurry however, as stock for these items are always limited and sell out very fast! Shop your Classic 6.5 inch Hoverboards UK models here.

Disco 6.5 inch HOVERBOARDS UK

Hoverboard for Sale UK M1X purple Disco Swegway

The Disco 6.5 inch HOVERBOARDS UK for sale are the most sought-after Swegways on sale today. Every kid is itching to get one and it’s no wonder why. A similar size to the Classic Hoverboards, this Disco range is a notch up there amongst the 6.5 inch range.

As well as having the standard bright LED lights at the front of the Hoverboard, it also has the super cool and funky RGB Disco lights around the wheels. These ‘Disco’ lights flash red, green and blue as soon as the rider stands on the board. This Hoverboard will not doubt turn heads as you whizz round in style.

The Disco 6.5 inch Hoverboards for sale include Bluetooth speakers as standard and come with a wide variety of colours and designs available.

Shop our amazing Disco range of Premium Hoverboards UK models right here.

Hummer 8.5 inch HOVERBOARDS UK

Hoverboard Sale UK Hummer Off-Road X-Trail H8 Black-camo

The Hummer 8.5 inch HOVERBOARDS UK for sale is the most robust Swegway yet. There’s no other Hoverboard for sale quite like this model. In fact, there’s so much to talk about this Hoverboard.

Firstly, the Hummer 8.5 inch Hoverboard range is the only model with an IP54 water-resistant grading. So although it is not waterproof, it still provides that extra layer of protection that no other Hoverboard model can provide. Therefore, if you’re thinking of using your Hoverboard mostly outdoors then rest assured this model is the one for you.

Furthermore, the fantastic premium Hummer Hoverboard for sale has the wide 8.5 inch solid rubber tyres with off-road trim. This allows the Hoverboard to handle off-road terrain far better than any other model for sale.

Packed with all the amazing features that a best Hoverboard has including built-in Bluetooth speakers. These 8.5 inch Hoverboards UK models are the most popular of the Swegway range and there is no wonder why.

The Hummer Off-Road X-Trail Hoverboard range comes with the most exquisite camouflage designs for both adults, children, girls and boys alike.

Shop the full range of 8.5 inch Hummer Hoverboards UK Models right here!

Mammoth 10 inch HOVERBOARDS UK

Hoverboard Sale UK X10 Mammoth Flame

The Mammoth 10 inch Hoverboards UK models for sale are unique in every way. All the aforementioned Hoverboards for sale have solid rubber tyres. However, the Mammoth Hoverboard for sale is the only Swegway model to have inflatable 10 inch tyres.

Due to the inflatable nature of its tyres, the Mammoth 10-inch Hoverboards offer the smoothest ride across the whole range of Hoverboards for sale. Therefore, if you’re planning to go on bumpy surfaces then the Mammoth Hoverboard is the one for you!

Not only will you be able to conquer bumpy rides with ease, but it also offers a huge ground clearance too due to the size of the Hoverboard.

The Mammoth 10 inch Hoverboards UK Models for sale come with funky and cool designs to choose from. Our FLAME Hoverboard for sale is gorgeous and is only available for a limited time.

Shop our full range of Mammoth 10-inch Hoverboards UK models for sale right here!

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HOVERBOARD PRO, est. in 2015 by individuals who dedicate themselves to providing a genuine UK Safe Hoverboard for UK consumers. Founded in Leeds, West Yorkshire it has since become one of the largest supplier of Premium Hoverboards for sale.

Fast-forward 3 years today, HOVERBOARD PRO is growing from strength-to-strength. We have expanded our stores nationwide with centres in the north and south of England.

Our flagship Hoverboard Shop is one of the centres to provide customers with the ability to collect a Hoverboard in person. So although we are predominantly online based, we offer customers the old-fashioned method of shopping too.

We know how much of a minefield it is finding a reputable Hoverboard company. Especially at this time of year where many hoax companies pop up (and disappear after Xmas). These companies are usually foreign companies disguised as being UK-Based, selling in GBP. Unfortunately, they’re selling knock-off Hoverboards drop-shipped directly from abroad without any care or attention to the safety of UK Consumers.

To help consumers know how to identify a good Hoverboard company, we’ve written a helpful article here.

Want more information about our Hoverboards UK Models for sale? if so, please get in touch by calling our 24/7 help line on 0113 320 2299 or use our Live Chat service below.


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