Celebrate end of Exams with UK Swegway & Hoverboard Sale

Celebrate end of Exams with UK Swegway & Hoverboard Sale


What are your plans for the British Summer? Look at our fantastic range of UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale to celebrate the end of exams and get the most out of your holidays.

YAY! congratulations on finishing your exams, or even receiving your university results! Summer has finally come and we can’t wait to get out there and enjoy the amazing British summer this year. But what to do for the next 8 weeks? why not celebrate the end of exams with one of the best UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale?

This summer is meant to be the best one, apparently hotter than the scorching heat wave in the late 1970’s. So, get outside and enjoy the sunshine and pray together we’ll finally get that tan!

Imagine rolling around with your very own Swegway, Smartboard, Segboard, Hoverboard or Balance Board enjoying the sunshine this summer. Taking your Premium Hoverboard into the park, the beach, up the peak district. Any with our new HUMMER Swegway, anything is possible!

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK offers FREE next day delivery on all products, giving you the opportunity to be on your new board right away.

Each UK Swegway and Hoverboard for sale is specially tested by our team in the UK. We guarantee that each product you buy from us comes with a 4.4A 36V, 158W official Samsung battery as standard. Our Swegways for sale are also fully CE Certified with MSDS test reports. We have an array of SAFETY certificates that make our Swegway products the safest Hoverboards in the UK. For a list of all certifications click here.

Our amazing Swegway and Hoverboard sale deal is not to be missed! Buy now and take advantage of our free next day delivery and 12 month warranty all inclusive service. Our high benchmark of safety standard is the best in the UK and our Flash Sale is for a limited time only and whilst stocks last. We wouldn’t want you to miss out!


End Exams on a Hoverboard & Swegway UK

Exams are over, so let’s rip up those revision notes, burn the text books and get that summer holiday playlist together as SUMMER HAS BEGUN.

End Exams on a Hoverboard & Swegway UK

Treat yourself this summer and buy a UK Hoverboard or Swegway. What would be cooler for the summer than to spend it on the best gadget for sale and better yet while they’re cheaper than ever!

Which Swegway is for you? We have lots of different designs and colours choose from. Featuring our amazing limited edition designs, our brand new Monster X-Trail HX1 Hummer Swegway and our all round good guy the Classic. Plus many more!

The head-turning limited edition “BLUE-CAMO” Bluetooth Swegway for sale speaks for itself. This Designer edition isn’t as harsh as it’s brothers original Camo hoverboard. This Swegway gives the Ombre look, which the fashion conscious of you would know is a big thing right now. Therefore, the BLUE-CAMO metallic finish Swegway combined with LED front lights and Bluetooth Speakers for sale make this UK Swegway for sale an incredibly attractive and chic piece of technology. This particular designer Hoverboard would be perfect for hitting a festival this year. In fact, it would be great for Bestival 2017 as their theme this year is Increase the Peace, You’d look quite edgy with this one.

Arrive anywhere in style, matching your UK Swegway to your outfit and use it as your own personal transportation device and fashion accessory! For just £269.99 it’s a better investment then a few t-shirts.

Chrome Swegways & Hoverboards for sale UK

Best Chrome Swegways & Hoverboards for sale UK Deals

Our Classic Chrome Swegway is our cheapest and most popular designer board. However, we hand-build our Swegways ourselves to ensure optimum reliability and safety as our first priority. With Bluetooth as standard and a range of different colours including ROSE GOLD, BLUE, RED, GOLD,GREEN, SILVER AND PURPLE.

Simply pick your favourite colour at our UK Swegway online shop and buy now to take advantage of our free next day delivery service. Your UK SAFE Certified Hoverboard will arrive the next working day! Our Classic Chrome Hoverboards come with 6.5” tires you can wipe about and reach speeds of up to 20km/PH with a distance of up to 25 Km. Don’t worry about charging, as it only takes 1.5 hours with a 4.4A 36V 58W official Samsung Battery. We’ve made it even easier to carry your fantastic Hoverboard or Swegway for sale around wherever you go. With our amazing Classic Chrome Bundle you’ll receive a free Swegway Hoverboard bag for the your light-weight Swegway!


2017 Phoenix HX Swegway Hoverboard for Sale UK

Best HX Phoenix Swegway Hoverboard for sale UK

We have a brand new UK Swegway in our Hoverboard family. Our newest and best 6.5 inch 2017 Swegway Phoenix HX for sale with Bluetooth as standard is the most robust, best engineered and best 6.5 inch UK Swegway for sale. With solid 6.5″ heavy duty tyres, smooth premium body and sleek design. This model is perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike.

The Phoenix HX 2o17 Swegway for sale is the newest UK Hoverboard with the latest technology, motherboard and gyroscopes. With regenerative braking and max. speed of 12 km/h you’ll be able to speed along with a distance of 20km. Perfect for flying around indoors or on any reasonably flat surface. You’ll never want to get off! With LED lights and Bluetooth as standard, the HX Phoenix Swegway for sale is the perfect head turner. With a choice of Black or White, this Swegway is perfect for the summer!

As with all our UK Swegways, the Phoenix HX model Hoverboard for sale is fully UK SAFE compliant, CE Certified and MSDS tested with official Samsung batteries and a UL Bs1363 UK Charger and plug.


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– Article written by Christopher Myatt