HX Phoenix Best Hoverboard Swegway sale UK

NEW HOVERBOARD: The 2017 Phoenix HX Swegway for Sale UK

We’re so excited to announce the release of our best UK Hoverboard: The 2017 Phoenix HX Swegway for sale! This is a fantastic new summer Hoverboard, all ready and prepped for next day UK delivery!

Best new Hoverboard HX Phoenix Swegway for sale UK

At HOVERBOARD-PRO, we love introducing the best new Hoverboards for sale. We’re absolutely in love with the super-sexy Phoenix HX Swegway! Our brand new Phoenix Hoverboard model comes equipped with Bluetooth as standard. The sleek build and design is the most robust, most engineered and best 6.5 inch Hoverboard for sale. The solid 6.5″ heavy duty tyres, smooth high quality premium body and sleek design make this Hoverboard a perfect Swegway for beginners and advanced riders alike.

The new Phoenix HX Hoverboard for sale is our best release of 2017 with the latest technology, motherboard and gyroscopes. With regenerative braking and a maximum speed of 12 km/h, you’ll be able to speed along with at a maximum distance of 20 km.

The Phoenix Swegway for Sale is perfect for flying around indoors or on any reasonably flat surface – you’ll never want to get off. With LED lights and Bluetooth as standard, the HX Phoenix Swegway for sale is the perfect head turner and comes in the choice of Black or White, perfect for the summer!


Best Hoverboard Design: Phoenix HX Swegway

Hoverboard for sale HX Phoenix Swegways UK

HOVERBOARD-PRO UK focus heavily on providing the best Hoverboard design in terms of both aesthetics and safety/reliability. The smooth edges and curved design of the Phoenix Swegway for sale allows for greater ground clearance and better manoeuvrability. Unlike the Classic 6″ Hoverboards on sale, the Phoenix HX Swegway has a curved bottom. Due to this curved structure, riders are able to cover greater ground clearance during those more awkward terrain conditions.

As with all our Hoverboards for sale and UK Swegways, the Phoenix HX model Hoverboard is UK tested and CE Certified with official Samsung batteries and a UL Bs1363 UK Charger and fused plugs. For a full list of all our certifications visit here.

Summer is truly upon us. It’s now July and your children are about to start breaking up in the next 2 weeks. You’re wondering how on earth you’re going to entertain and get them outdoors enjoying fresh air? The Phoenix Hoverboard is the answer! With a choice of Black or White, this sleek piece of technology will keep your little ones entertained and outdoors (content and out of sight) for hours! Pop a helmet, send them down to the park and let them create real memories!


Phoenix Hoverboards for Sale Make Best Swegway Gift

UK Hoverboards & Swegways

Thinking of Ideas for a graduation present, or wanting to reward your child for getting the good grades at school? The HX Phoenix Hoverboard is the best choice! There’s nothing better than graduating from any degree, college or school than being gifted with your very own Hoverboard. Your fresh graduates might be starting a new job and want to nip around the office with their new Smartboard. School kids might want to enjoy their 8 week Summer Holiday by whizzing around outdoors with their new Swegway. Whatever the case, the Phoenix Hoverboard for sale is the best end of exam gift you can buy for them.

This summer you can take advantage of our major sale and our free Next Day Delivery service. Buy this amazing Hoverboard during our Summer Flash Sale for just £279.99!


Classic Hoverboard & Kart: Hoverkart Bundle

Hoverboard UK Swegway and Kart, Hoverkart Bundle

So, we’ve just talked about how amazing it would be to gift one of your kids and young adults with an awesome Hoverboard. But why not make it even more special and diversify your gift by adding the Original Hoverkart to your basket, too?

With our Classic Hoverboard and Hoverkart Bundle, you can now have twice the fun on your Swegway by converting your Swegway in to a Go-Kart! Our colleague Christopher at HOVERBOARD-PRO said:

“ever since I was a child, I’ve always wanted a Go-Kart but now I want a Swegway, and i’m pretty sure your child is the same. After all, Go-Karts were all the rage in the late 90’s-mid-00’s! You’ve toyed with the thought about getting a Hoverboard but looking for something a little bit more practical and versatility for everyday use. Well, the Classic Hoverboard and Kart bundle deal is the answer and solution to what you’d want.”

The Hoverboard and Kart combined instantly changes the joy and versatility of the Swegway. Turn your board in to Go-Kart with this add-on. The original HoverKart itself has a comfortable carbon racer seat, easy Swegway sensor locking system and a strong single bar design that ensures hours of fun and joy.

You can enjoy the smile on your child’s face, knowing secretly you just grabbed a fantastic deal with HOVERBOARD-PRO’s SUMMER SALE! Grab the Classic Swegway and Hoverkart bundle now for just £249.99, or the Phoenix HX Hoverboard for just £279.99!


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– Article written by Christopher Myatt