Yorkshire Day! HOVERBOARD PRO: Proud Yorkshire Business

Happy Yorkshire Day from the Hoverboards UK team! At HOVERBOARD PRO we’re proud to be from Yorkshire selling the best in UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale.

Happy Yorkshire Day Hoverboards UK

Did you know that HOVERBOARD PRO is a wholly British-based company? We gave birth to the company in 2015 right here in our home-town of Leeds, West Yorkshire. Since then, we have grown rapidly to provide the nation with the finest UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale.

What makes us different we here you say? Well, HOVERBOARD PRO is one of the very few rare companies that guarantees safety throughout. Therefore, if you’re looking for a UK Safe Certified Hoverboard for sale then look no further.

As a British company, we undergo strict testing on all our electric scooters and Hoverboards right here in England. Due to this, our Hoverboards are guaranteed to be safe, reliable and of premium bespoke quality. In fact, HOVERBOARD PRO do not sell Hoverboards to anyone else other than our British customers!

As a proud Yorkshire-based company, we want to wish everyone a Happy Yorkshire Day!

Yorkshire Day: Hoverboards UK

Yorkshire Day Hoverboards UK

It’s Yorkshire Day! So let’s take this opportunity to highlight why buying British is a good idea. With so many Hoverboard sellers operating online, it’s pretty tough finding a reputable business, isn’t it? Well, this is why HOVERBOARD PRO exists today. We decided that it was now time to take over the fake companies and cheap goods flooding the UK market and finally offer a bespoke British design Hoverboard for sale.

Revered as providing the best Hoverboards for sale in the UK, we certainly go the extra mile. However, our Hoverboards aren’t as expensive as one might think. We have some of the largest range of our best priced UK Swegways for sale right here.

So get in the spirit of Yorkshire Day and appreciate the finer things in life. The weather has been wonderful over the last few months and we’re here to make it all worthwhile. Purchase one of our amazing Hoverboards UK from a proper Yorkshire company before the Yorkshire rain returns!

This Yorkshire Day, we’re offering FREE next day delivery on all Hoverboards UK as well as 12 months warranty, too! So purchase a Hoverboard TODAY for the best deals online and in our retail shop!


View our full range of Hoverboards at our online shop HERE.

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