Free Hoverboard Skin With Every Pre-Order!

For a limited time, HOVERBOARD-PRO is giving away a FREE Hoverboard Skin with all pre-order Hoverboards for sale this November 2019! Buy any one of our amazing pre-order Hoverboards and receive a free silicone skin case on the house.

Free Hoverboard Skin UK

We want to say thank you to our loyal customers. Buying a premium Hoverboard from the largest independent UK Hoverboard seller and stockist seems like a no-brainer. However, not many are equipped with knowledge about Hoverboards to distinguish the difference between a cheap and quality one.

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining the largest Hoverboard shop in the UK, we are not stocking an even larger variety of colours. Take a look at our Classic Hoverboard range with solid designs from just £199.99!

To allow customers the opportunity to take advantage of our sales prices, we have now made our Classic Hover Boards available on pre-order!

As an incentive, customers who buy any of our pre-order Hoverboards for sale will receive a FREE Hoverboard Skin absolutely free.

So take advantage of our biggest ever sale and grab yourself the perfect Christmas gift of 2019.

Pre-Order Today: Free Hoverboard Skin

Take advantage of our latest Hoverboard sale and pre-order today from our largest range of Classic Hoverboards for sale. To say thank you to our wonderful customers, we’re giving away a free Hoverboard Skin (clear silicone) for each pre-order Swegway purchase.

HOVERBOARDS UK with free clear silicon skin offer

Take advantage of our amazing offer today and secure yourself the best Christmas gift of 2019.

We have the largest variety of Hoverboard designs and colours to choose from. Simply browse from a selection of our huge range of UK Hoverboards for sale and pick the best one for you. Each Hoverboard will include the following perks, exclusively at HOVERBOARD-PRO:

  • 2019/2020 auto-levelling technology
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Powerful LED lights
  • Regenerative braking technology
  • FREE carrier case
  • UL Certified charger with BS1363 fused UK plug
  • FREE clean silicone skin with each pre-order Hoverboard for sale

For the pre-order Hoverboard, customers will guarantee themselves the latest and greatest Hoverboard well before Christmas. In fact, all our pre-order Hoverboards will enjoy guaranteed delivery by no later than the 6th December 2019 or earlier.

So what are you waiting for? Buy yourself a Hoverboard today on pre-order and receive a free Hoverboard skin on us.

Hoverboard Deals UK

As well as giving away a free Hoverboard skin with each pre-order Hoverboards for sale, we’ve got even more deals! Each week we bring you the latest Hoverboard deals and offers exclusively for UK customers. Due to popular demand for our Hoverkart and Carts, we’re giving them away absolutely free.

For every HUMMER Hoverboard for sale, we’ll throw in a FREE Hoverkart at no extra cost. However, customers must hurry as this deal is on for ONE WEEK ONLY. Take advantage of our massive sale and sale up to 75% off original Swegway prices.

Hoverboards UK FREE Hoverkart Deal

Thanks to our amazing Hoverboard deals, you can now receive either a free Hoverboard skin or free Hoverkart depending on the Swegway of your choice. Due to very popular demand, our offer is only on for a short period. So take advantage of our special deals before it’s too late!


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