UK Hoverboards That Are Safe to Buy

We know the difficulty of finding UK Hoverboards that are safe to buy. Over the years the Hoverboard industry has been full of cheap and potentially dangerous Hoverboards for sale.

UK Hoverboards Safe to Buy

Swagtron is a UK-based Hoverboard company

Over recent years there has been some bad publicity with regards to Hoverboards. We have heard the horror stories in the past of boards catching fire. This is all due to cheap Hoverboard brands and knock-off Hoverboards for sale.

Some might wonder, is it worth buying a Hoverboard? Providing that you purchase from a good company, there are so many reasons why you should buy a Hoverboard. These self-balancing motorized devices are easy to carry and are tons of fun to ride. They take you where you need to go, but in style.

To help people make an informed decision in getting themselves UK Hoverboards that are safe to buy, we provide some tips. That way, UK consumers can be able to buy a good reliable Hoverboard for themselves or a loved one.

Reputable UK Hoverboard Brands

There are a number of ways you can identify whether or not the Hoverboard you are thinking of buying is from a reputable UK Hoverboard brand. This is one of the main factors dictating whether or not your UK Hoverboards are safe to buy. If you’re unsure about the Hoverboard brand that you’re buying then the best way is to do a search on Google.

Google will help you identify a number of things about the Hoverboard company. These include its website and its genuine customer reviews. Sellers such as those who provide boards on eBay or Amazon are known as micro-brands. These sellers will source their boards directly from China as drop-shippers. Micro-brands won’t have their own website. Instead, source cheap Hoverboards directly from a factory and sell them at low cost and higher margins due to their cheap components.

Reputable UK Hoverboard brands like HOVERBOARD-PRO® have been operating since 2015. This makes them the longest established Hoverboard company in the UK. As the first and only UK seller of UK Certified Hoverboards for sale it goes without saying that they’ve not shown any issues from the date of inception.

UK Certified Hoverboards

In order to legally sell Hoverboards in the UK, they must be Certified under all Brtish directives of safety. One of the certifications that confirm the safety of Hoverboards is UL certifications. This certification body ensures that manufacturers have followed all the rules and regulations with regards to quality and safety. This also confirms that factories do not compromise on the quality of their boards in order to reduce cost.

Other reputable Hoverboard safety certifications include CE, RoHS, MSDS, CASS UK and many more.

HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboards undergo strict testing procedures by independent testers. The testing agencies monitor the standards of the Hoverboards internal components and electrical devices to their limits to see whether or not they can be unsafe under extreme conditions. The UL standard 2272 certification is the most important and demanding regulation for UK Certified Hoverboards. HOVERBOARD-PRO Hoverboards UK is one of the first British Hoverboard companies to be certified under UL 2272 standard. This is a testament to how much we value our customer safety through our variety of Hoverboard products for sale.

What are UL Certified Hoverboards? UK Swegways Sale

UK Hoverboards That Are Safe to Buy: Samsung Batteries

Many UK Hoverboard sellers do not provide genuine Samsung batteries which make UK Hoverboards safe to buy. This is due to the additional costs which sellers incur in making sure that the batteries are of decent quality and safe to use. There is a number of reasons why cheap Hoverboard sellers cut corners on the quality of their batteries and parts in general Nonetheless, this ultimately means that the low manufacturing cost makes the Hoverboard unsafe and unreliable to use.

At HOVERBOARD PRO, we provide genuine Samsung batteries within all our lithium-ion battery-powered electric scooters and Hoverboards for sale. Furthermore, all our batteries undergo strict testing to certify them under British directives of safety. Our team have spent years researching and developing the safest Hoverboards in the UK. We are confident that our batteries are not only safe but reliable, too. Our good quality UK Hoverboard batteries do not overcharge or allow a surge of untamed electricity to run through the internal cells of the board.

Hoverboards with LED lights

All the UK Hoverboards for sale at HOVERBOARD PRO include LED lights to make hoverboards able to be driven in the dark. Our Disco Hoverboards for sale go the extra mile in this regard, with RGB lights around the wheel arches too. Our LED light Hoverboards are a safety feature as much as they are cool to look at. The Disco range of Hoverboards is guaranteed to turn heads at whoever notices them. Furthermore, HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboards also include battery and service light indicators that help you identify low battery signals or issues along the way.

Our Hoverboards with LED lights are responsive to the way the rider manoeuvres. Just like car signals, these Hoverboards will flash according to the direction that the Hoverboard goes. The lights will flash as you begin to accelerate, stop, or turn left or right. However, unlike normal car signals, these lights will automatically flash according to the direction of the rider.

Bluetooth LED Swegway Hoverboard for sale UK


Beware of Cheap UK Hoverboards for Sale

Premium UK Hoverboards for sale don’t come cheap but they are still affordable. Do not be shy of paying extra to ensure that safety and reliability are considered. Unlike cheap Hoverboards from disloyal sellers, reputable Hoverboard companies source quality parts and materials at higher production values. Furthermore, all good quality Hoverboards will be independently verified under British directives of safety.

If you are buying a premium UK Hoverboard similar to the one from HOVERBOARD PRO, you know you’re paying for a robust, reliable and safe certified UK Hoverboard for sale that won’t cause trouble in the same ways cheap Hoverboards do.

So is there such thing as UK Hoverboards that are safe to buy?

Not all UK Hoverboards are safe to buy. However, if you’re buying a Hoverboard from a reputable brand with a proven record of sales and positive reviews then that’s your only guarantee they are safe to use.

Hoverboards are without a doubt that best gadget to grace the world. Since their existence in 2015, they have topped every child Christmas wishlist.

It’s vital that you do not buy a Hoverboard from an unknown seller, from eBay, Amazon or from a disreputable brand. As with all electrical gadgets, be cautious about where you are buying them from and whether they are safe to buy.

The UK consumer must make sure that they consider all the factors we have outlined in this article to ensure that they’re making the right decision when buying UK Hoverboards that are safe to buy. At HOVERBOARD-PRO we guarantee consumers that our Hoverboards are of high quality and are safe to buy.

In addition to this, we have ensured that our UK Hoverboards for sale are affordable enough without compromising on neither quality or safety.