Manic Monday UK Swegways

Manic Monday UK Swegway Offers

Manic Monday UK Swegway Offers…

Manic Monday UK Swegways

In the UK we spent over £2 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, up 30% on last year and predicted to surpass the £670 million we spent last year on Manic Monday this time around this year.

The hottest selling gadget this year is no doubt Swegway boards, but with stocks running out fast, Manic Monday is your last chance to secure that perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones in time for Christmas.


Manic Monday Deals

Manic Monday Swegway Deals

The holiday season is truly here and with Christmas right around the corner most of us have started that Christmas shopping. Some of you may already have your gifts ready for Christmas, but statistics show that the majority of us will leave it last minute.

With more and more of us leading busier lives and a desire to avoid the crowds it’s no surprise, but the drawback of this approach is that you may not find that gift you are after for your loved ones.

But don’t despair Manic Monday is here and with it comes some great deals on Swegways, the must have Christmas present this year, and we have for you the best Manic Monday Swegway deals on the internet.

Official UK Swegway Supplier

SegwayPro UK is an official supplier of genuine UK Swegway boards.

Our product is built for purpose right from the manufacturing process till we deliver to your door. All our Swegways are fitted with genuine heavy duty Samsung batteries, and fitted with UK fused plugs that comply with British Standards.

Many imitation products are available on ebay, Amazon and other online suppliers, but we pride ourselves in having the safest Swegways on the market. Our Swegways have been CE and ASDS inspected to ensure they meet the high standards of the British consumer market.

Visit our online shop to secure the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones and get free next day delivery.


UK Manic Monday Swegway Discounts

Gadgets are all the rage at the moment and this year’s hottest selling gadget is not doubt the Swegway. If you’re not familiar with that term then it’s one of those electric hoverboard scooter thingies that everyone is riding on.

So if you’re looking for that perfect gift and want it in time for Christmas then Manic Monday is your chance.

UK Manic Monday Swegway Discounts

SegwayPro UK is a leading supplier of genuine UK Swegway boards, all our Swegways undergo stringent testing and quality control to ensure they meet the high standards of our customers.

All our Swegways comply with British Standards and are fitted with high quality Samsung batteries and UK fused power adapters.

So when you buy from us you have peace of mind that you’re getting a high quality UK Swegway, order now to get free next day delivery and 1 year warranty, and just to top it off we provide an in house aftercare centre for maintenance and repairs.


Manic Monday Swegway Offers

Swegways have propelled to fame recently and top many Christmas wish lists this year, but you must move quick to secure that perfect must have Christmas gift for your loved ones as stocks have been selling fast! Many suppliers are already out of stock and not excepting to be restocked till after Christmas.

Manic Monday Swegway Offers

So if you’re reading this you’re in luck! We are one of the few suppliers that have anticipated the demand and still have stock. But even our stock is fast running low, so order now at our online shop to get your hands on the must have Christmas present this year.

When you buy from HOVERBOARD-PRO UK you get more than a Swegway board you get a high quality Swegway, which has been built for purpose and tested for compliance to British Standards. You get more than a Swegway, you get 1 year warranty and benefit from an exceptional aftercare service.

You get the benefit of secure PayPal payments and the peace of mind that your loved ones will have the safest Swegway on the UK market. All our Swegways are individually checked prior to shipping to ensure your receive a high quality and safe Swegway board.

And to top it off we’ll throw in free next day delivery! Don’t miss out this Manic Monday and visit our online shop now to get your today!


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