Get Your Hoverboards out: ADVICE DURING HOT WEATHER

It’s time to get your Hoverboards out this Summer as UK temperatures are set to rise! Forecasters predict soaring temperatures of up to 38C on Thursday. However, customers are urged to maintain safe procedures and common sense when riding Hoverboards out in the sun and heat over the next few days.

Get Hoverboards out UK Temperatures Rise Hottest Day

According to the Met Office, Britain is bracing itself for the hottest day ever on record. In fact, the Met Office warns that some parts of the country could be as hot as 39C.

Temperatures this Thursday are set to break the record as the hottest July ever. However, as UK temperatures set to rise with predictions of 38C in London over the next 24 hours, the Met Office has warned there is a now a 60% chance of breaking the all-time record high of 38.5C. According to the Met Office, “It’s looking likely that we could reach 39°C somewhere in southern and eastern England on Thursday:

Is it time to Get your Hoverboards out?

With the hot UK weather temperatures set to rise, many are considering taking out their Hoverboards for a spin. While we always love the great weather and bursts of sunshine, we do advise caution. There’s hot, and there’s breaking records hot. This one is breaking records hot, according to the Met Office (and our office here, too!)

Today marks the last day of school for many children here in the UK. coincidentally, it is also the hottest few days of the year. Due to this, NHS England has provided parents with a helpful guide on how to keep your kids safe during this hot weather. This link can be found in the below tweet by NHS England:

Providing that parents follow the guidelines to keeping their kids safe outdoors, there’s no problem with getting your Hoverboards out for a spin! However, while we have always produced articles on the do’s and don’ts of getting your Hoverboards out during rainy weather, we never really have had to do one on hot days before.

Thinking of getting your Hoverboards out over the next few days? If so then here’s some advice to keeping you and your Hoverboards safe over the next few days…

Hoverboards in the Sun and Heat: Tips and Advice

For all the adrenaline junkies eager to ride on their Hoverboards as UK temperatures rise, here’s some advice to keeping safe. We want to make sure that when you Get your Hoverboards out over the next few days, you maintain good health for yourself and your Swegway.

Get Hoverboards out UK Temperatures Rise!

    1. Maintain hydration. Drink lots of water! Being under direct sunlight will require constant hydration, so carry a bottle with you at all times
    2. Apply high SPF sunscreen. Protect your skin by applying high strength sun cream
    3. Do not ride your Hoverboard for long consistent periods of time in the heat. High speeds (especially on a Hoverkart) adds heavy strain to your Hoverboard wheel motors and battery. Be sure not to over-heat your motors.
    4. Don’t leave your Hoverboard out under direct sunlight. Just like you, Hoverboards need to be kept away from direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. The Hoverboard houses electrical components and 21-cell lithium-ion batteries. Overheating these components and its battery can cause damage to the board. So if you’re putting the board away, then we recommend using one of our carrier cases and placing it in the shade.

Whatever the case, we hope that riders follow common sense and the general safety guidelines issued by the Met Office. We hope that you all enjoy the great weather and Get your Hoverboards out with caution.

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