Hoverboards Make Playing Outdoors Fun This Summer

Hoverboards make playing outdoors fun this summer. Grab yourself a premium Hoverboard for sale from HOVERBOARD PRO and enjoy this season in style!

Hoverboards Outdoors Fun Summer UK

This season we bring you the largest variety of Hoverboards for sale in the UK. From Designer Hoverboards to Off-Road Swegways there’s a huge choice to help you have lots of fun outdoors this summer.

Lately, the weather in England and the rest of Great Britain has been amazing. Without jinxing, we’re excited to enjoy the rest of the Summer season on our Hoverboards. Hoverboards Make Outdoors more fun in all sorts of ways. Make strolls around private parks or your garden even more enjoyable with our state-of-the-art Hoverboard for sale.

There are many games you can conjure when on your Swegway. With a little bit of creativity and one of our Premium Hoverboards for sale, you’re sure to have an amazing time outdoors.

With school season over and Summer in full swing, there’s no better time for your children to be enjoying the great outdoors. Hoverboards Make playing outdoors more fun.

However, while you may be eager to purchase a Hoverboard for sale, be mindful when purchasing cheap Hoverboards. Random sellers may appear online selling knock-off Swegways that are either unreliable or dangerous. HOVERBOARD PRO have previously written a guide on how to identify a  good Hoverboard company which you can read here.

Want more information about how Hoverboards Make Outdoors Fun This Summer? If so please contact us. Our telephone lines are open 24/7 for free help and advice on everything Hoverboard related.

Hoverboards make playing outdoors fun!

Hoverboards Make Outdoors Fun Summer

Would you like to encourage your kids to go outdoors more? Ditch the games console or iPad this summer and get them to enjoy Hoverboards outdoors. There’s no better way to get the kids to enjoy the outdoors again than to have them riding on a state-of-the-art Swegway.

This summer, we bring you the largest range of Hoverboard designs which come in three sizes:

Want help choosing between the above available models? If so, get in touch for the best advice from our experienced Hoverboard specialists. We’ll discuss all yours and your child’s needs and help you choose the best Hoverboard model based on your needs.

Not all Hoverboards are compatible with customers. The main question is “Is this Hoverboard good for my child’s age?” The answer we always give is that it is not the age which you should consider, but their weight.

The 6.5-inch Hoverboards for sale are the most compatible for most age and weight classes. In fact, these can be ridden on anyone between 25kg and all the way up to 120kg. However, the larger 8.5-inch Hoverboard requires a minimum of 35kg. Therefore, if your child is below this weight then we recommend sticking with the 6.5 Disco Hoverboard range. Furthermore, the 10-inch Mammoth range required a minimum of 45kg. This is an even larger weight requirement than the 8.5-inch Off-Road Swegway.

Want more advice on which Hoverboard is most suitable for you or your child? If so, please get in touch by calling 0113 320 2299 or use our Live Chat service below. We’ll help you identify the best model to help make outdoors fund this summer.

New 2019 Hoverboard Technology

Hoverboards UK British Technology for UK Swegways

This summer you can purchase our latest Hoverboards to make outdoors fun. Our new 2019 Hoverboard technology includes the newest designs and PCB components, guaranteed to give you the best enjoyment.

Here are some of the perks of our 2019 Hoverboard Technology:

  1. NEW Auto-Levelling Technology
  2. Upgraded PCB’s
  3. Upgraded Bluetooth Modules
  4. More refined motors
  5. More robust build

As always, all our Hoverboards for sale are from British design. Furthermore, all our Swegways for sale are fully compliant under all British directives of safety. So if you’re looking for the best Hoverboard for sale with safety and reliability in mind then you’ve come to the right place.

Whatsmore, HOVERBOARD PRO are offering up to 75% off our Hoverboards this Summer as well as FREE next day delivery and 12-months warranty!

So go ahead and let Hoverboards make outdoors fun this Summer by purchasing our latest Premium Hoverboards for sale TODAY.


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