Hoverboard Models: The Different Types

In this article, we explore the different types of Hoverboard models for sale. Take a look at the best Hoverboards for sale exclusively at the HOVERBOARD PRO shop.

Chrome Hoverboard Models Different Types

If you haven’t noticed already, HOVERBOARD PRO is the UK’s largest independent retailer of premium Hoverboards for sale. All our boards are made from British design and are sold exclusively to British consumers. In fact, we don’t sell our Hoverboards to anywhere else!

Many customers are taken aback by the volume of Hoverboards on sale. Therefore, in this article, we aim to highlight the variety of different types of Hoverboard models available for sale.

Essentially, our premium Hoverboards for sale can be divided into the following sizes:

Furthermore, each individual Hoverboard size can be categorised into the following characteristics and features:

We will aim to divulge into each of these categories and Hoverboard models in further details. That way, our customers will be able to make a more informed decision as to which Hoverboard models they should purchase.

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Classic Hoverboard Models

Classic Hoverboard Sale UK Swegways N1

The Classic Hoverboard models are best known as the most affordable amongst the Swegway range. This is due to their no-fuss characteristics and high reliability. The Classic models don’t have any Bluetooth features and won’t have the Disco RGB marquee lights around the wheels. However, they do have the original blue LED lights at the front of the Hoverboard.

The Classic Hoverboard models come with the usual 350w silent drive German motors as well as Samsung batteries. As with all our other Hoverboards for sale, they’re also UL certified and fully compliant under all British directives of safety.

The Classic 6.5-inch Hoverboard is a great starter model. So if you’re new to the Swegway game and wish to jump on something to get used to, then this is the model for you. You can’t get any better value than this!

Disco Hoverboard Models

Hoverboard Sale Aqua Disco Swegway UK

The Disco Hoverboard Models are the most popular range of Swegways yet. Due to their flashing RGB lights around the wheels, these have become to most sought-after Swegway models in contrast to any of the Hoverboards for sale so far.

Coming with all the extra features one can ask for, including built-in Bluetooth speakers and RGB marquee lights that flash red, green and blue. These premium Hoverboards are real head-turners!

The Disco Hoverboard models come in all the different types of shades and colours. So whether you prefer a neutral colour or something as fancy as camouflage, we have it covered.

Hummer Hoverboards for Sale

BLUE CAMO Hummer Hoverboard Sale UK H8

The Hummer Hoverboards for Sale is our most robust models yet! With an IP54 water-resistant grading as well as unique chunky off-road solid rubber tyres, these monsters are ready for off-road terrain! The Hummer Hoverboard comes with all the added extras including Bluetooth speakers and funky designs and colours.

The Hummer Hoverboard is unique for all the right reasons. This model has quickly become the most popular of the Swegway range and it’s no mystery why! Take a look at our full range of X-Trail Hummer Hoverboards for sale and gran yourself the Swegway everyone has been talking about.

Packing heavy-duty tyres, 2x 350w wheel motors, Bluetooth speakers, funky LED lights, auto-levelling technology and more – don’t miss out on the best Hoverboard of the year!

Mammoth Hoverboards for Sale UK

FLAME Mammoth Hoverboard Sale UK X10

The Mammoth Hoverboards for Sale are basically 10-inch beasts of a Hoverboard. While they are still very affordable, they’re perfect for the bumpy surfaces. When you ride one of these large Hoverboard models you’ll instantly notice how smooth a ride can be.

This Hoverboard model is the only Swegway of its kind with inflatable tyres. Therefore, if you’re the type to ride on the bumpy path then this model is the one for you. You may also notice that this model is even cheaper than the 8.5-inch Hummer range. This is due to the Hummer having a stronger and more robust frame than the Mammoth range.

In short, if you want something as robust as the Classic or Disco Hoverboards but with larger ground clearance and a more smoother riding style, then the Mammoth Hoverboards for sale is the one for you!


So we’ve provided you with an insight into the different types of Hoverboard models for sale, why not give one a try? Take a look at our huge Hoverboard Shop or contact us to discuss the best option for you or your child.

Watch out for our next article where we explore the different types of colours and designs across the entire Hoverboard Swegway range!


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