Tips for Electric Scooter Beginners

Whether you are a child or an adult, riding an Electric Scooter can be loads of fun. These tips for Electric Scooter beginners will help you start riding safely and getting the most out of your Electric Scooter experience.

Tips for Electric Scooter Beginners HOVERBOARD PRO

Proper Protective Equipment

Falls can happen, especially when you are first learning how to ride an Electric Scooter. To reduce your risk of injury, wearing the proper protective equipment is important. Especially if you’re working with a child, teach them to always put a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads on before getting on their scooter. These are lessons that will give them life-long habits and keep them safe. Additional equipment that you may want a beginner to wear may include gloves and mouth guard.

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Know Your Scooter


Before you get on your Electric Scooter, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with the manual. Be sure to check the battery and know how to gauge if it is running low. If you are planning on riding for a long distance, check that the battery is fully charged before starting your trip. Furthermore, check that the brakes are healthy and that you know how to engage them. The user manual will also provide advice on how to troubleshoot your scooter. The last thing you want is to be stranded, far from home, and not know how to fix the problem.

However, Our E1 Electric Scooter for sale is one of the Premium Electric Scooter range that allows the rider to manually push if this ever happens. Just like a non-motorised Scooter, riders can still make their way home in the event of an incident.

Be Aware of Where You are Riding

Is there a lot of loose stones or sand on the ground? Are there big boulders next to the road? Perhaps there are potholes or sewer grates? Maybe big puddles or ice? Before you ride, be sure to check the surrounding area that you plan on riding with your Electric Scooter.

The last thing you want to do is fall or slide off due to loose stones. Nobody likes to get their Electric Scooter caught in a sewer grate! If you’re travelling a fair distance, you may not be able to assess the terrain ahead of time. However, an important tip to always keep in mind is to never drive through standing water. Doing so good cause serious consequences to your safety and may just ruin your scooter, too.

Want more information regarding Tips for Electric Scooter Beginners? if so, please call our helpline on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, customers can use our Live Chat service at the bottom right hand side of this page.

Tips for Electric Scooter Beginners: Check the Tires

Tips Electric Scooter Beginners, HOVERBOARD PRO

You wouldn’t want to take your family in a car that has a flat tyre now, would you? so why would you let them ride on a scooter that has low pressure tyres? Be sure that the tyres, if rubber, are properly inflated to the correct air pressure. Furthermore, please check the treading to ensure that it is adequate. If the treading is too worn down then we recommend replacing the tyres. However, if the tyres are plastic then make sure that they are not cracked or worn through. If they are, then we recommend that you also replace this.

Follow Traffic Rules

Riding an Electric Scooter is no different from riding a bike, a car or any other vehicle. One thin they all have in common is that the rider must adhere to the rules of the road. Therefore, be sure to familiarise yourself with the highway code driving laws in your area regarding bikes and Scooters.

Most areas require that riders stop at all red lights and stop signs. You must also know who has the right of way on the road. You don’t want to get into an accident with a car, simply due to not following the correct regulations. Some areas require that Electric Scooter drivers be licensed. Be sure to check the laws in your own country to see if this is applicable to you. Furthermore, most Electric Scooters do not have turn signals. You will need to know the hand signals for turning left and right before hitting the road.

Riding an electric scooter, whether for pleasure or for travel needs, can be an enjoyable experience. Be sure to follow these simple Tips for Electric Scooter Beginners to ensure that your first few trips don’t turn into a tragic or dangerous situation.


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