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Hoverboard Safety Study

Hoverboard Safety Study…

Hoverboard Safety Study

Urban areas pose many congestion, pollution and mobility problems, so new modes of transport are increasingly seen to represent an alternative to the widespread use of cars and motorcycles.

This study sets out to identify the standard parameters and safety requirements by evaluating different types of motorised personal transportation devices (MPTD’s). Swegways and electric scooters are two devices that can potentially meet the mobility requirements in such urban conditions. The centre for Electric Vehicle Experimentation in Quebec (CEVEQ) conducted a pilot project for evaluating motorised personal transportation devices (MPTD’s). This included the testing and evaluation of Swegways and electric scooters.


Objectives of The Hoverboard Safety Study

The study had numerous objectives including; to help find a regulatory framework for MTPD’s, to identify standardisation parameters and safety requirements, the evaluation of training and safe use aspects during tests. Additionally to determine the potential uses of the vehicles and to promote the use of environmentally friendly methods of transportation.

The methodology for achieving the objectives was to gather, analyse and summarise the information concerning Swegways and Electric Scooters in the United States and Europe. Operational, ergonomic evaluations were carried out as well as technical evaluations comprising of handling and performance tests were carried out in an enclosed test track environment and in a laboratory. The results were then collaborated with surveys carried out on users of motorised personal transportation devices.


Conclusion of The Hoverboard Safety Study

The results of the technical tests showed that both Swegways and electric scooters were stable, operated quietly and smoothly, they also gave users the feeling of being in control of the vehicle.

The ergonomic evaluation also showed that both Swegways and electric scooters are easy to use in normal situations involving dealing with obstacles for a broad range of users. The devices compared more favourably than other vehicles especially in terms of stability where they were superior to bicycles and mopeds.


The performance studies showed that electric scooters are easy to use in normal conditions and to get around obstacles, they surveys also showed that a large majority of test participants found all electric scooter movements easy to perform. Electric scooters were also found to be more popular with younger people and for recreational purposes.
You can read the full study by Clicking Here.

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