HOVERBOARD UK Kart Bundle Deals

Introducing the latest HOVERBOARD UK Kart Bundle Deals exclusively from HOVERBOARD-PRO. Take advantage of the best Hoverboard UK deals today in time for our Black Friday and Christmas Sale event!


‘Tis the season to shop! There’s really not long left until Christmas now. Centres and Towns throughout the UK are filled with shoppers. Everyone is looking for the best deals and offers to buy a loved one this Xmas. The same goes for Hoverboards.

Just in time for Black Friday, HOVERBOARD PRO HOVERBOARD UK is introducing their latest and greatest HOVERBOARD UK Kart Bundle Deals. In our latest bundles, customers can take advantage of our best prices by purchasing a Hoverboard and Kart in one purchase.

Save up to 75% off our Hoverboard and Karts thanks to our amazing HOVERBOARD UK Kart Bundle Deals on offer today!

We have a range of HOVERBOARD UK Kart Bundle Deals to choose, from a selection of sizes available:

  • 6.5-inch Disco Hoverboard UK and Kart Bundle
  • 8.5-inch Hummer Hoverboard UK and Kart Bundle
  • 10-inch Mammoth Hoverboard UK and Kart Bundle

In addition to this, HOVERBOARD-PRO also offers customers the ability to UPGRADE their Hoverkarts with one of our excellent SUSPENSION Hoverkarts for sale. From just £20, you’ll be able to swap the original Hoverkart deal with a Suspension Kart frame for a more thrilling ride.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase our CE and UL Certified Hoverboard and Karts for sale from as little as £219.99!

Hoverboard UK Kart Bundle Deals

Hoverboard UK Hummer Free Kart Deal

Our HOVERBOARD UK Kart Bundle Deals is the latest addition to helping customers buy the best premium brand Hoverboards at affordable prices. Purchase any of our Bundle deals for savings of up to 75%!

Make your loved ones love every bit of their Hoverboard this Christmas. Thanks to our Hoverboard UK Bundle Deals, riders can now convert their Hoverboard into a Go-Kart. So now you can begin enjoying the most thrilling ride ever!

In this article, we’ll highlight the best Hoverboard UK and Kart deals available for you to take advantage of today.

6.5-inch Hoverboard UK Kart Bundle

HOVERBOARDS UK Kart bundle Graffiti Disco Hoverboard

The 6.5-inch Hoverboard UK and Kart Bundle is our most popular range of Hoverkart deals available. From just £219.99, customers can choose from the largest variety of Hoverboard designs.

Furthermore, customers can also equip their Hoverboard with a premium original Hoverkart design of their choice. This is due to our latest funky designer Hoverkarts now available! For example, SCRAWL Hoverboards are now available to purchase with matching SCRAWL Hoverkart, too.

Hurry, however, as these amazing Hoverboard UK and Kart deals are extremely popular and are available while stocks last!

8.5-inch Hummer Hoverboard UK Kart Bundle

HOVERBOARDS UK Flame Hummer Hoverkart Bundle

The Hummer Hoverboard UK Kart Bundle is an extremely popular deal. This model is by far the most robust Hoverboard on the market today. Due to this, many feel confident riding their Hoverboard outdoors, especially on a Hoverkart.

Our Hoverboard UK Kart deals allow customers to convert their Hummer Swegway into a Go-Kart from as low as £269.99! Keep a lookout for our deal of the week offers, too.

Many customers who consider buying the Hummer Hoverboard UK Kart Bundle often request to upgrade their Hoverkart. Due to this, we are giving you the opportunity to upgrade your Hoverkart to a Suspension frame from as low as £20!

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our amazing Hoverboard UK deals and offers exclusively at HOVERBOARD-PRO.

10-inch Mammoth Hoverboard UK Kart Deal

Hoverboard Hoverkart Sale Bundle Mammoth Black Graffiti X10

The largest of all models is the Mammoth Hoverboard UK. This is the only model with an inflatable pneumatic tyre offering the smoothest ride of all.

Our Mammoth Hoverboard UK and Hoverkart bundle allow you to purchase this Hoverboard with a Kart frame from as low as £279.99. Each Hoverboard bundle comes with a free carrying case as well as spare velcro straps for good measure.

Upgrade any of our Hoverboard and Kart Bundles with a SUSPENSION FRAME from as little as £20! Simply contact us using our Live Chat service and we’ll help direct you to the upgrade option online.


HOVERBOARD-PRO have released our Black Friday Hoverboard UK Deals nice and early this November 2019. This is to allow consumers to take advantage of our lowest ever prices before the big rush.

We know how manic it is during the final days of November. Courier companies are usually stretched out and stock levels deplete and sell out. Avoid the big rush and disappointment by taking advantage of our early Black Friday deals today!


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