Which Hoverboard Should I Buy?

A very frequent question our team are often asked is which Hoverboard should I buy? in this article, we highlight three primary models of Hoverboards available for sale. We will then outline the key characteristics of each Hoverboard. That way, customers can establish which Hoverboard is best for them to buy.

Which Hoverboard For Kids Hoverboards UK

When looking at which Hoverboard one should buy, there are a couple of factors you should first consider. Firstly, you need to consider the weight of the individual rider. Secondly, one should consider the type of environment in which the Hoverboard will be used. In this article, we will provide an insight on which Hoverboard for sale is suitable based on the factors you should consider.

Unfortunately, many customers have a negative influencing factor as to where they buy their Hoverboards in the UK. This, of course, is how cheap the Hoverboard is. The main issue with such buying habits is the fact that the majority of people buying cheap Hoverboards for sale will likely land themselves in trouble. this is due to the many hoax companies proving inferior products to UK consumers.

If you’re wondering which Hoverboard you should buy, then continue reading this helpful guide…

Which Hoverboard Should I Buy For My Kids?

If you have children then we’re sure you’ll be wondering which Hoverboard you should buy for your kids. If this is the case then the two factors we have mentioned are just as important.

Hoverboards UK Kids

One of the first counter-question we ask consumers who ask us which Hoverboard they should buy is how old are they and what the weight of their child is.

This is due to some models having different minimum weight requirements. If your child does not meet the weight required for one particular Hoverboard model then they may experience vibrating and juddering during use. This is something that nobody wants and is sure to ruin the riding experience of your child.

The minimum weight requirements are as follows:

If your child is below either of these minimum weight requirements for that particular model, then consider a smaller one.

What if my child is too light for a Hoverboard?

Which Hoverboard Should I Buy for My Kids Weight

If your child is too light for a Hoverboard and therefore doesn’t meet the minimum weight requirement, then there is a solution.

One way that you can bypass this problem is by riding a Hoverkart. Hoverboards have a minimum weight requirement due to the gyroscopic sensors needing the weight for the sensors to activate. Therefore, if you’re not heavy enough then these sensors will not function correctly.

However, riding a Hoverkart removes the minimum weight requirement for the Hoverboard entirely. This is due to the gyroscopes being activated using the handlebars of the Kart frame rather than the individual riders weight.

So if your child weighs lighter than the minimum weight requirement but you still want them to enjoy a Hoverboard, then consider the Hoverkart!

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Which size Hoverboard should I buy?

A secondary factor that you should consider when thinking of which Hoverboard you should buy is the size of the board.

All three Hoverboard models have different characteristics and benefits.

In this next part of the article, we will briefly highlight the benefits of each Hoverboard size. We will also explain their benefits and what your Hoverboard purchased should be based on:

6.5-inch Hoverboards UK

When considering which Hoverboard you should buy, know that the 6 or 6.5-inch Hoverboards for sale in the UK are the smallest range of Hoverboards. These are by far the most popular range of Swegways for sale due to their adaptability for all ages and also takes the minimum weight requirement of 25kg. Due to this, children as young as 5 can enjoy the Classic and Disco 6.5-inch Hoverboards for sale.

BLUE GALAXY Disco Hoverboard Sale UK M1X


  • Solid rubber tyre
  • Reliable and highly developed
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speakers
  • LED and Disco LED lights around the wheelbase
  • Auto-levelling Technology
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Able to take any rider from 25kg or above.
  • Due to its lighter weight, this model is the most responsive and reactive Hoverboard amongst all three models


  • Wheel size is 6.5-inch. The smallest wheel of all three models.
  • Best suited on smooth and flat even surfaces due to the low ground clearance
  • Not water-resistant so do not ride it on any wet or damp surfaces

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8.5-inch Hoverboards UK

When thinking of which Hoverboard you should buy, consider that the 8 or 8.5-inch Hoverboards for sale in the UK is our mid-range size of Hoverboards for sale. This model is known as the most robust Hoverboard available in the industry today. Due to their durability and off-road capabilities, this model is now taking over as the most popular Swegway to date.

However, before purchasing this model, we recommend checking with your child that they meet the minimum weight requirement of 35kg. Otherwise, best off buying a Hoverkart bundle with it so that they are still able to enjoy it.

BLUE CAMO Hummer Hoverboard Sale UK H8


  • Durable Solid rubber tyre with thick Off-Road treading and wider wheels
  • Greater ground clearance than the 6.5-inch Hoverboard
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speakers
  • LED Lights in the front and the rear
  • Auto-levelling technology
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • The only model with an IP54 water-resistant grade (but NOT waterproof)
  • Most robust Hoverboard for sale


  • Has a minimum weight requirement of 35kg or above. If your child’s weight is below this then please consider a smaller model or buy them a Hoverkart.

10-inch Hoverboards UK

The 10-inch Hoverboards for sale is a popular model for those wanting to ride the board off the beaten track. It is the largest of all three models and for this reason, many think that this is the model with off-road capabilities.

The 10-inch Mammoth Hoverboards for sale are the only boards with inflatable pneumatic tyres. Due to this, riding the Hoverboard on any bumpy surfaces makes for the smoothest riding experience amongst all other models available.

However, do not mistake this to have the same robustness or durability as the 8.5-inch Hummer Hoverboards. This model is still not water-resistant and we recommend that this model is not used on wet and damp surfaces just like the 6.5-inch Hoverboard range.

Flame Mammoth Hoverboard Sale UK


  • Very large 10-inch wheels give these models the largest ground clearance above all other models
  • Inflatable pneumatic tyres allow for the smoothest riding experience
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Unique LED lights which give it a unique presence
  • Auto-levelling technology
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Has a minimum weight requirement of 45kg, so please double-check that your child is suitable for this before buying one. Alternatively, purchase the Hoverkart to avoid issues.
  • The inflatable nature of the wheels means that you should be mindful where you take the Hoverboard. As with all inflatable wheels, they can puncture if ridden on surfaces that can penetrate the tyres.
  • Not as robust as the Hummer Hoverboard
  • Not water-resistant like the Hummer Hoverboard
  • Due to its larger weight, it is not as responsive or reactive as other models.

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So which Hoverboard Should I Buy?

Which Size Hoverboard to Buy UK Swegways

Customers must consider the above factors for each Hoverboard highlighted above. Only then can you establish which Hoverboard you should buy.

Each Hoverboards for sale has its pro’s and con’s and therefore there is no definite answer to this question. Buying a Hoverboard model is dictated by factors that are influenced by weight and riding habits.

Whatever Hoverboard you choose to buy, make sure it is from a reputable premium Hoverboard brand such as HOVERBOARD PRO.

With guaranteed safety and reliability, 12-month warranty and free next day delivery you can’t go wrong. Trusted by thousands of customers nationwide across the UK, we’re the largest independent retailer of the best quality Hoverboards for sale in the UK.

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