Buying Hoverboards for sale from Argos or Currys? think twice!

Buying Hoverboards for sale from Argos or Currys? Think twice! This article explains why it’s not a good idea to buy cheap Hoverboard from these stores.

Hoverboards for Sale Argos

Cheap Hoverboards for sale such as the one above for sale in Argos.

Last year we learned of an incident whereby a customer purchased a Hoverboard from Argos only to eventually cause a house fire. Unfortunately, large supermarkets and retail chains are not immune to such knock-off Hoverboards for sale. In fact, this article will explain how stores such as Currys and Argos are MORE LIKELY to sell you cheap knock-off Hoverboards than independent retailers and Hoverboard specialists such as HOVERBOARD PRO.

Today learn that Hoverboards sold at Currys are being recalled over fears the plug could cause a fire while charging. The link to the article can be found here. This is a horrible story to cover, however, we expect no less from these cheap ‘iconBIT’ and ‘Zinc’ Hoverboards.

In this article we will highlight the following:

  1. Why we don’t sell our Hoverboards in Argos and Currys
  2. Why Hoverboards from places like Argos and Currys are cheap knock-offs

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We don’t sell our Hoverboards in Argos or Currys

Quality Hoverboards for Sale UK

Many have asked us why we don’t sell our Hoverboards in large retail chain stores such as Argos or Currys. While we have been approached by large retail chains (including Amazon) to sell our premium Hoverboards, we have always outright refused. Before you think we’re crazy, let’s explain the reason why we don’t:

Large retail stores require cheap Hoverboards to make a bigger profit

Large retail chains require cheap Hoverboards to make a larger profit margin. Vendors who are selling Hoverboards to retail chains at cheap costs are dangerously cutting their factory costs to increase their profit margins. So, the next time you’re wondering why Hoverboards from Argos and Currys are so cheap, it’s probably because they’ve cut corners. For example, Zinc Hoverboards for sale in Argos are known to contain non-Samsung Chinese battery cells which are far cheaper and less reliable. A more concerning issue with such models is the way in which they are made. They contain dual-circuit PCB’s which at the manufacturing level is far cheap (and far less reliable) than the original method of PCB designs. So before you consider purchasing a Hoverboard from these places, consider why a large retail chain is able to sell so cheap whilst maintaining a middle-man position!

We prefer to communicate with customers directly

We provide direct customer service and specialised warranty. This means that rather than hiding behind the veil of a larger retail chain, we prefer the direct service approach. Our products are made from British design and we’re very proud of who we are and what we have become. This is why we prefer that customers deal with us directly and our telephone customer service and sales lines are open 24/7.

We will always keep your details. Unlike Hoverboards for sale in Argos or Currys, we will always retain your details. So if you lose your receipt, it doesn’t matter. We have heard of the horror stories of customers who have lost their Argos receipts to be told that they can no longer service or repair their faulty Hoverboard under warranty. However, at HOVERBOARD PRO, all we require is your name and postcode and we’ll identify you as a customer.

Focusing on quality, regardless of the cost

We focus on quality and never cut corners on cost. We undergo very strict processes to ensure that our Hoverboards are of the best quality. Since we never cut corners on our costs, our margins are low enough. We are physically unable to introduce third-party sellers who want cheap prices. If we did so, then we’d make a loss and consequently have to reduce our costs and quality. Therefore, to maintain the highest benchmarks of quality, reliability and safety, we cut out the middle-man.


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