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Selling the best UK Hoverboards for Sale from the British Hoverboard brand HOVERBOARD-PRO. Purchase British Hoverboards for sale exclusively in store! 2019 is a massive year for the Hoverboard Swegway industry. With the greatest British UK Hoverboards on sale at phenomenal prices, we’re catering to every individual. Est. 2015, HOVERBOARD PRO has been gaining major credibility with regards to the safety and reliability of their British Hoverboards for sale.

British Hoverboards for sale UK

During the beginning when Hoverboards first came to existence, customers usually would scurry to find the cheapest Hoverboards on sale. Such Hoverboards would often come from unregulated vendors or private sellers and marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. Unfortunately however, such Hoverboards for sale come drop-shipped using the cheapest components, posing safety hazards to consumers.

Such examples include the horror stories of Swegways catching fire due to their bad batteries and charging devices. HOVERBOARD-PRO Est. 2015 solely for the goal of offering UK Hoverboards for sale using the best and Safest UK Compliant parts to the British public. We advocate safe British Hoverboards for sale from the beginning of our existence. Due to this, HOVERBOARD-PRO is fast becoming the leading independent Hoverboard specialist nationwide.

So what makes us so unique? Well there’s no magic formula to our success. We pride ourselves in providing the UK public with high quality premium British Hoverboards for sale at excellent rates. With our focus on quality, our UK Hoverboards for sale comes along with the best customer service in our industry. We’re an entirely UK BASED Swegway Hoverboard company. Therefore, customers can purchase from us knowing that we offer only the safest and most reliable UK Hoverboards for sale. In fact, we don’t sell to anywhere else in the world. All our Hoverboards come from 100% UK Stock, which in itself has its perks!

UK Hoverboards for Sale

UK Hoverboards for Sale British Hoverboard Sale

HOVERBOARD-PRO is the market leader of the best UK Hoverboards for Sale. Each Hoverboard comes with the highest quality components, ensuring compliance throughout the supply chain. Each component is independently right here in the UK, awarding several safety certifications under its belt.

Unfortunately, many Hoverboard sellers claim to be selling their stock from the UK. However, in reality they are in fact drop-shipped directly from China or other foreign country. Due to this, many Hoverboards for sale can pose safety risks to the owner. Unsafe batteries may and charging adaptors provided by these cheap Hoverboards may be unsuitable for the UK market. Charging adaptors play a massive role in the safety for all UK households. Non-compliant chargers may cause over-heating or in some cases combustion. Our chargers are 100% UL certified for safety guarantee. Each UK Swegway charger is independently tested and comes with UL certifications for guaranteed safety.

In addition to this, we undergo strict measures to guarantee that our British Hoverboards for sale are not only safe but reliable. We use only the best components within our UK Hoverboards for sale. Cheap Hoverboards may be cheap, but they are most certainly not reliable. Many cheap Hoverboards are equipped with shabby knock-off components in order to cut their costs, which will soon cause your Hoverboard to become easily faulty.

As a 100% UK Hoverboard seller, we have our perks. Our aftercare services are like no other Swegway company today. Not only do we understand the needs of our UK customers but we also provide a fast and efficient service. With us, you’ll receive a free 12-month warranty granting you the most efficient warranty repair service in the UK. HOVERBOARD-PRO have one of the fastest lead-times when it comes to Hoverboard repairs.

British Hoverboards for Sale

British Hoverboards for Sale

Our British Hoverboards for sale are also known as Swegways. These nifty gadgets have come a long way since business started. We work tirelessly to guarantee that our customers receive only the best Hoverboards. From the design stages and throughout manufacturing, we hand-pick each component to ensure 100% compliance and satisfaction.

Being the UK’s most reputable Hoverboard seller, we understand our customers more than any other business. Each Hoverboard comes with the benefit of a FREE next day delivery and 12-month warranty service. Each UK Hoverboard for sale is sent from our London fulfilment centre via our DPD next day service. Due to this, we’re able to guarantee that customers who shop from our range of UK Hoverboards for sale will receive their Swegways the very next day.

Did you know that our contact centre is also 100% UK-Based? Customers are always able to get through to a member of our Hoverboard team by simply contacting 0113 320 2299. Our contact centres are open 24/7! Furthermore, our Live Chat facility offers an added layer of simplicity for customers wanting quick and easy answers.

UK Hoverboard Shop

UK Hoverboard Shop

Did you know that we also have a physical Hoverboard Shop? That’s right, HOVERBOARD-PRO opened its doors to a physical UK Hoverboard Shop to accommodate customers wishing to shop for a UK Hoverboard for sale in person. We understand how difficult it can be to find a reputable Hoverboard shop in the UK. Due to this, we opened our first retail shop so that customers can finally purchase their favourite UK Hoverboards for sale from our official Hoverboard shop in Leeds!

So why not pop in to our Hoverboard Shop in Leeds and pick up a Swegway? Not only can we unpack and show you the Hoverboard in person, but you’ll also get to walk out with a brand new Hoverboard without the need to wait for delivery. Since the opening of our latest store, we’ve been accommodating customers from around the UK travelling nationwide to visit and purchase one of our British Hoverboards for sale.

And what better time to purchase a Hoverboard from our retail shop than now! Our BIG SALE is now on with up to 75% off original prices as well as fantastic bundles to suit each individual Hoverboard enthusiast.


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