These Lads created a tandem HOVERBOARD!

These lads created a Tandem HOVERBOARD in their own garage! We’ve seen some innovative stuff before, but this one is on a whole different league.

Now, we may not approve of the rather crude methods this vlogger uses to combine two Hoverboards into one which can be ridden by two. Nonetheless, it’s a rather cool and fun idea. While a piece of wood zip tied to each Swegway is somewhat a primitive method, it has a certain charm to it. Furthermore, it even works with the somewhat loose wooden plank allowing both Hoverboards to turn in unison.

At the end of the video, this lad seems to have mastered the movement, allowing for him to transfer from one Hoverboard to the other with ease. As well as this, he is also able to ride it alongside his friend: much like a tandem bike, but a tandem HOVERBOARD.

We do love this idea! we would probably recommend you use other means to make this happen if you were to attempt it yourself, however. Maybe more efficient methods and use a stronger way to join the two Swegways together.

The idea for this creation is a pretty good one, it reminds us a bit of our HOVERKART, but obviously not as professionally made and combining two Hoverboards as opposed to merely one with a kart attachment.

The idea of using two Hoverboards to make one device which can hold two people is a good one. With a bit of improvement this can be truly amazing, we look forward to seeing an updated attempt.

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