The October 2018 Hoverboard Sale begins! Purchase any UK Swegway for up to 75% off our original Premium Hoverboards.

October 2018 Hoverboard Sale UK

October has begun, marking the start of our Autumn Flash Sale! This October, we have some of the best Hoverboards for sale for as low as 75% off our original Swegway prices. So what are you waiting for? Purchase the finest UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale TODAY and get the best deals ever!

However, let it be known that purchasing from HOVERBOARD PRO means that you’re buying the finest Hoverboards on the market. Our UK Swegways undergo the strictest Supply Chain methods. Due to this, we are able to guarantee that each Hoverboard is bespoke designed for our UK Consumer.

It is this very process that determines the differences between a cheap Hoverboard made from knock-off fake components and ours. Made from UK Design and using the best components on the market, we’ve fast become the most reputable Hoverboard Company.

In this article we will highlight some of our greatest Hoverboard deals while the big October 2018 Hoverboard Sale is on. Would you like more information about our October 2018 Hoverboard Sale? If so, please contact us or call 0113 320 2299 to speak to one of our representatives.

October 2018 Hoverboard Sale & UK Swegways

October 2018 Hoverboard Sale UK SWEGWAY

It’s that time of year now where parents are looking to purchase the best Christmas gift for their kids. What better time to buy a Hoverboard than now with thanks to our October 2018 Hoverboard Sale!

Make this Xmas the best one ever for your loved ones by purchasing the best in UK Swegways for sale. During this limited time offer, we’re giving you the opportunity to grab the best in Premium Hoverboards and Swegways from as little as £179.99! Furthermore, all our Hoverboards for sale each comes with FREE next day delivery and 1 Year Warranty, too!

Did you know that HOVERBOARD PRO is one of the largest independent retailers in the UK? In fact, HOVERBOARD PRO is the UK’s leading and longest established Hoverboard Swegway Company in England. Based in our hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire, we have grown rapidly throughout the UK.

With online and physical retail presence, our centres throughout the UK enable us to provide customers with the best service possible. Known as having the best customer service and aftercare in the country, we’re unmatched by all accounts.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase a Premium Swegway and Hoverboard for sale TODAY. Take advantage of our FREE delivery or pop in to our physical retail centre in Leeds!


HOVERBOARDS UK Swegways Sale Autumn 2018

This month we have some of the best Hoverboards UK for sale from as low as £179.99. Customers can take advantage of our October 2018 Hoverboard Sale while it’s still possible.

So what makes HOVERBOARD PRO so different from the rest of the Swegway sellers out there? Here’s exactly why we’re the UK’s #1 Hoverboard Company:

  1. 100% UK Safe Certified Hoverboards undertaken by independent British testing stations. Full certifications have been awarded for all our Hoverboards for sale
  2. Hoverboards from UK Design and UK Stock
  3. FREE next day delivery on all Hoverboards for sale. Order today and receive it the next working day!
  4. 12-month warranty on all our Swegways and Hoverboards UK
  5. 24/7 Customer support and aftercare service
  6. FREE Swegway carrier bag with each Hoverboard
  7. Purchase from a proper British Hoverboard Company. UK VAT registered.
  8. One of the only Hoverboard retail companies to have a physical retail store as well as being online based.

HOVERBOARD PRO is proud to be a 100% British-based company. In fact, we established our business right back when Hoverboard first came to exist, back in 2015. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength to provide customers with a proper bespoke Swegway.

Our original mission has been consistent throughout our company existence. It is to finally provide a genuine UK Hoverboard that is 100% safe guaranteed. Be aware of fake Hoverboards circulating the Internet for sale at super cheap prices. Many of these Hoverboards for sale from places such as eBay are likely to cause harm or danger to the consumer.

Would you like more information about the safety aspect of our Hoverboards? If so, please contact us by calling 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, customers can use our LIVE CHAT service below.

What’s the best Hoverboard for me?

Best Hoverboard Weather UK Swegways Sale

With the lead up to Christmas, many customers often ask us what is the best Hoverboard to purchase for their children. Believe it or not, it is not necessarily the weight of the individual that determines whether or not a Hoverboard is suitable.

Hoverboards are for all ages and the ability to ride one does not vary from one model to the other. However, there are a few things to consider, such as wheel-size and weight. Take a look at the article here for information about which wheel size Hoverboard might be best for you.

The most popular of the Hoverboard range is the 6.5-inch Disco Swegway. This Hoverboard comes with Bluetooth speakers as standard, as well as RGB LED lights around the wheelbase. However, if you’re after something a little more affordable than perhaps the 6.5-inch Classic Hoverboards are for you. These are our original no-thrill Swegways that do the job. Bluetooth speakers can be upgraded to these for just an additional £20. However, these models do not come with Bluetooth as standard but can be purchased at a very affordable price.

If you’re after something a lot more robust and durable then perhaps the HUMMER Hoverboards are for you. These Off-Road X-Trail Swegways are extremely popular for thrill-seekers wanting a little more for their buck. With Bluetooth speakers as standard as well as the much wider 8.5-inch off-road tread solid tyres, these are the most robust Hoverboards yet.

Hummer Off-Road Hoverboards UK

The Hummer Hoverboards also offer a greater ground clearance meaning that outdoor use is suitable. Due to this, you’re also less likely to scuff the underside of the board, unlike the 6.5-inch variant.

Furthermore, the Hummer Swegway is built to sustain water-resistance of IP54 grading. So although this is in no way waterproof, it does withstand a little tap of rain far greater than the Classic Hoverboard!

We hope that you found this article helpful. Don’t forget that the Autumn Flash Sale and our October 2018 Hoverboard Sale is only for a limited time only. Don’t let the countdown clock beat you this time. Avoid disappointment and purchase a Hoverboard for sale TODAY!

Would you like more information about our October 2018 Hoverboard Sale? If so, please get in touch by calling 0113 320 2299 or use our Live Chat service below.


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