Sis vs Bro Hoverboard Challenge on Classic Swegways

Check out this Sis vs Bro Hoverboard Challenge made by the Panton Kids! See how they challenge one another on our amazing Classic Hoverboards for sale.

Sis vs Bro Hoverboard Challenge UK

Earlier this year we came across this amazing Sis vs Bro Hoverboard Challenge from the popular YouTube bloggers Panton Kids. We now think it’s a great time to share this video to our lovely Hoverboard customers since the Christmas Sales are well underway.

In this video you can see the two Panton Kids DJ and YAYA challenge each other on their Classic Hoverboards. If you’re stuck for inspiration on how to make the most out of your Swegway, then this video will help!

Parents can see how much fun the Panton Kids are having during the Sis vs Bro Hoverboard Challenge. So if you have a pair of children and are wondering what Christmas gift to get them, here’s a clue!

Sis vs Bro Hoverboard Challenge

In the above video, DJ and Yaya perform several Hoverboard tricks and complete their Sis vs Bro Hoverboard Challenge. Each of their challenges are completed on a Classic Hoverboard. You can purchase our Classic Hoverboards just like the ones in the video by clicking here.

In the first challenge DJ and Yaya begin their challenge by racing around a long track. Fortunately for Yaya, she beats DJ and completes her first challenge with a win! However, DJ isn’t a sore loser and takes the loss with confidence as they continue their Sis vs Bro Hoverboard Challenge on to round 2.

In round 2 however, the two siblings complete a short race from one pole to the other. However, for the two siblings it’s a lot more scary as a fast burst of pace is required to beat their opponent! Luckily for DJ, the brother wins the round by a short stretch!

Hoverboard Vs Electric Car

In the Sis vs Bro Hoverboard Challenge, DJ uses his electric car to race Yaya as she continues to use her Hoverboard. They continue their challenge by completing a long racing track and put both their Electric vehicles to the test.

Yaya on her Hoverboard proves that the Swegway is faster than the Electric Car. Due to this, she beats DJ on the fourth round of their Hoverboard Challenge.

However, in round 5 the two siblings swap their electric scooters and try again. With DJ using the Hoverboard and Yaya the electric car. It goes without saying that due to the faster speed of the Swegway, DJ wins the final round!

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