Hot weather UK Hoverboard Sales Soar

Record Breaking Hot Weather UK Hoverboard Sales Soar!

Over the last few days the hot British weather has come in full swing. As the record-breaking heat continues, UK Hoverboard Sales soar throughout Britain!

record breaking weather UK Hoverboard Sales Soar

In last weeks article we informed our Hoverboard riders that the weather was about to become so much better. Since then, the UK weather has hit record-breaking conditions with high of up to 33 degrees!

In the UK, yesterdays weather was officially marked as the hottest day of the year. Furthermore, weather conditions has hit a record-breaking high in 5 years. Therefore, the current weather conditions is no joke. We encourage all our lovely Hoverboard riders to jump on their Hoverboards during this summer season. However, we also encourage all our wonderful Hoverboard family to take extra precaution to protect them from the harms of direct sun exposure.

Over the last few days HOVERBOARD PRO has been experiencing UK Hoverboard Sales SOAR. It is no wonder, however, as this is the best opportunity to jump on your Hoverboard and enjoy the sun!

UK Hoverboard Sales Soar

UK Hoverboards Hoverboard Sales Soar

Over recent days we have seen UK Hoverboard Sales soar. This is mainly due to the hot weather which Britain has been experiencing. However, the rise in Hoverboard sales is also due to the massive sale at HOVERBOARD PRO.

Customers can shop and purchase premium Hoverboards from HOVERBOARD PRO for a reduced rate and for a limited time only. Grab yourself a great deal during the hot spell and still in on time to enjoy the Hoverboard craze.

Furthermore, HOVERBOARD PRO are also giving you FREE next day delivery and 12 month warranty. Purchase a Hoverboard for sale at HOVERBOARD PRO before 2pm and have it delivered to your door the very next day!

Celebrate the end of exams, school and university with the best Hoverboards for sale exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO. There’s no perfect time for the sun to come out than when exams and school are finished. Celebrate the end of school by jumping on a state of the art Hoverboard and UK Swegway for sale.

While the UK Hoverboard Sales Soar, grab yourself a UK Swegway for sale before the sale ends. Would you like more information our guidance about our Hoverboards for sale? if so, get in touch by calling 0113 320 2299 or use our Live Chat service below.

UL SAFE Certified Hoverboards UK

In case you didn’t know, HOVERBOARD PRO specialise in UL Safe Certified Hoverboards UK. We are purveyors of the finest Hoverboards for sale in the country. Based in our home-town of Leeds, West Yorkshire, we are proud of our origins.

Est. in 2015 and with the mission to provide the UK Consumer with the safest Hoverboards online and in-store, we’ve expanded to become the UK’s most trustworthy Hoverboard company. There’s no other UK Swegway company quite like us. As the longest-standing Swegway company we have built an excellent name.

As we continue to grow, it is our mission to consistently offer a bespoke Hoverboard experience to each customer. Therefore, we forever continue to improve on our level of products and services as we age. Offering a bespoke feel and with an independent feel, we are proud of our origins and will always be inspired by our humble beginnings.

Today, HOVERBOARD PRO is one of the largest and most trusted Hoverboard companies in the UK. Offering Hoverboards throughout the United Kingdom, we are the most reachable UK Swegway company in the UK. Customers can either shop or a UK Swegway online, or visit one of our physical retail stores in the North and South of England.

Want more information about our UL Safe Certified Hoverboards UK? If so, get in touch with us on 0113 32 2299 or use our live chat service below.


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