Hello Summer! The July Hoverboard UK Sale Begins!

Say hello to Summer! The July Hoverboard UK Sale now begins. Purchase Hoverboards for sale from your favourite UK Swegway company. Get the best in UK Hoverboards for sale at exceptional value for money.

Summer July Hoverboard UK Sale

It’s the 1st of July 2018! We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the month than such amazing hot weather. Summer has well and truly begun with the best weather we’ve had in years!

Of course, we couldn’t let July kick off without offering a fresh July Hoverboard UK Sale. Get our latest state of the art gadgets at unbelievable value. We certainly don’t offer cheap Hoverboards, because our quality speaks for itself. However, during this July Hoverboard UK Sale we’re reducing our original prices even further!

Get up to 75% off our latest Hoverboards for sale exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO. Furthermore, all purchases made this July 2018 will also benefit from FREE next day delivery and 1-year warranty.

In this article we will highlight some of the best special deals and offers at HOVERBOARD PRO. Want more information about our July Hoverboard UK Sale? if so, please get in touch by calling 0113 320 2299. Our telephone lines are open 24/7 and we’re always happy to help.

July Hoverboard UK Sale

July Hoverboard UK Sale Swegways UK

The July Hoverboard UK Sale is now on! Grab yourself a better value Hoverboard from the UK’s most trustworthy Hoverboard supplier. We provide the UK with genuine British Hoverboards from UK Design. Our Hoverboards undergo strict independent testing right here in England.

Therefore, we are able to guarantee that all our Hoverboards for sale are 100% UK Safe Compliant. In fact, we’re proud to boast that our UK Swegways and Hoverboards are the safest in the country.

HOVERBOARD PRO established in 2015 to provide the UK consumer with a finally UK SAFE Swegway. Fast-forward 3 years and now we’re the largest independent retailer of genuine Hoverboards UK.

July has begun and to celebrate the peak of Summer time, we’re introducing the July Hoverboard UK Sale. Customers can take advantage of our BIG Summer Sale by purchasing TODAY. Grab yourself a premium Hoverboard from HOVERBOARD PRO for up to 75% less than our original UK Swegway prices.

In addition to our BIG price drops, customers can also take advantage of:

  • FREE next day delivery
  • FREE 1 year warranty
  • UK Compliant Hoverboards
  • British Swegways from UK Design
  • 24/7 customer care and after-sales services
  • A reputable Hoverboard company and one of the longest establishing specialists of UK Swegways in the country.

The above are just the few reasons why we’re the UK’s most reputable Hoverboard company. To find more about what makes us the UK’s most reputable Hoverboard company, click here.

Want more information about our July Hoverboard UK Sale? If so, please get in touch by calling our 24/7 help line on 0113 320 2299. Our specialists are ready to answer your call!

Special Offers: Hoverboards for Sale UK

SWEGWAY Hoverboard Sale 2018

From time to time, HOVERBOARD PRO introduce to the public some of the best Special Offers on the best Hoverboards for Sale UK. And on this occasion, we don’t disappoint.

Below are some of the best Hoverboards for sale at our best value yet!

Our classic Hoverboards for sale are on offer with the best Bluetooth Hoverboards from just £209.99. In addition to this, customers will also receive free next day delivery and 12 month warranty without paying a penny extra!

Why not convert your Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart? Take advantage of our special offer Bundle deal on the Disco Swegway for as low as £259.99!

We’re excited to offer our most robust Hoverboard ever at even greater value. This Hummer is an all-rounder and one of the most popular Swegway models since its release. Grab yourself the strongest and most robust Hoverboard for sale for less during this July Hoverboard UK Sale.

Why not purchase the Off-Road Hummer BUNDLE for even better value? For as low as £349.99, customers can convert their Off-Road Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart and whizz past in style.

More Great Hoverboard Deals on Sale

There are so much more great Hoverboard deals on sale. We have the best in UK Swegways and Hoverboards at better rates than ever. However, don’t be fooled by cheap Hoverboards from eBay or Amazon. Cheap knock-off Hoverboards often cause the user more trouble than what it initially seems worth. In some cases, it may even endanger an individual’s life due to the low quality parts and batteries supplied in cheap Hoverboards for sale.

At HOVERBOARD PRO we are proud to provide the UK’s most trustworthy and safe Hoverboards for sale. All our Swegways are from UK Stock and are from UK source. Therefore, we have the capability to provide you with bespoke UK Swegways at discount prices.

Don’t let the countdown clock beat you this time! Hurry and purchase a Swegway while the July Hoverboard UK Sale is still on.

Want more information about our July Hoverboard UK Sale? if so, please get in touch with us on 0113 320 2299.

View our full range of Hoverboards at our online shop HERE.

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