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F1 Superstar Fernando Alonso Rides Electric Skateboard

We’ve talked before about celebrities riding UK Swegways and Hoverboards, but we were very excited when we found out about F1 superstar Fernando Alonso riding an Electric Skateboard. The Electric Longboard is the newest product in our store and we’ll talk about it a bit more in this article.

Electric Skateboard for sale UK Hoverboard

As you most likely already know, Fernando Alonso is a very successful Formula 1 racing driver. He must like speed both on and off the track because he’s been seen riding an Electric Skateboard just like the ones we have in our store. Fernando Alonso is demonstrating how to properly ride the Electric Longboard here.

You stand on it just the same as a normal skateboard but use the remote (seen in his right hand) to control the Electric Longboard. We were excited to find out that Fernando Alonso rides an Electric Skateboard because he is such a big name in racing and speed. Obviously if he is one of the best racing drivers in the world, he knows a thing or two about quality motor vehicles.

We’re very happy that he picked to ride the very same product that we ourselves sell. We already knew that our Electric Skateboards are incredibly high quality, but Fernando Alonso has helped us prove that point by riding it.


Electric Skateboard for Sale

Koowheel Electric Motorised Longboard for sale UK

The UK Electric Skateboard for sale is the top of the line, the peak of motorised skateboards. Just like everything we sell, we only use the highest quality parts and assembly to provide the best experience for our customer. Next we’ll talk about how the Electric Skateboard is different from an ordinary skateboard:

Firstly, the remote control, which has a few functions. The first of these is controlling the power of the Electric Longboard. The remote also switches the direction you’re going and indicates your way. The skateboard itself is very lightweight and as easy to carry as a normal non-electric skateboard. The difference is that our Electric Skateboards are very powerful and can reach peak speeds of 25mph!

The Electric Longboard achieves this using the dual motors underneath the board which are controlled by the remote. Each of our Electric Skateboards use premium Samsung batteries for both safety and performance reasons. Samsung batteries are very safe and don’t overheat like cheap ones might. They are also very slim, light, and durable, which is necessary when they’re being used on an Electric Longboard. As you can tell, we are very proud of this product and can’t wait to hear what you think about it!


Celebrities on Hoverboards

Celebrities on Hovebroards

So earlier we talked about Fernando Alonso on an Electric Skateboard, but now we’ll talk about all the different celebrities who ride Hoverboards. Hoverboards actually rose originally in popularity through being used by celebrities and shown on social media. These celebrities include Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Jamie Foxx, Wiz Khalifa, Lily Allen, Ruby Rose, the list goes on and on. A quick search finds so many celebrities loving their Swegways. We love that celebrities as well as we can enjoy the pure fun that Hoverboards provide. As Electric Skateboards become more common, we look forward to seeing more celebrities riding them just like they like to ride Swegways.


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