New Hoverboards and Swegway 2017

New Hoverboards Perfect Swegway Experience

HOVERBOARD-PRO, The UK’s number 1 Hoverboards company have released an array of fresh new Swegway products guaranteed to make your board life more exciting!

Quality Swegway Hoverboards for Sale UK

With our fantastic new range of Swegway products, we’re sure there is something for you. From our Classic Swegways and Hoverboards to our UK Longboards or Electric Skateboards for sale. This article will knuckle down some of our newest inventories:


New Hoverboards UK

New UK Hovebroards Swegways now in Stock

We’ve rolled out some state of the art new Hoverboards for sale in the UK. Our range of Swegways make you spoilt for choice. You can keep an eye out for our latest Hoverboards at our online shop. However, to make life easier, we’ve given you a breakdown of the latest products now on offer:


Designer Swegway

Our classic Swegway has had a full makeover! We now offer some of the widest range of designs in the UK. There is not much else different to our designer Swegways than the Classic Hoverboards. Besides their funky, cool designs and eye-catching prints, you still have the choice between classic and Bluetooth.

See our full range of designer Swegways for sale UK right here.


Hoverkarts for Sale UK

Hoverkarts for Sale UK

We’ve introduced a wolf pack of new Hoverkarts for sale right here in the UK. Our lovely UK customers can now transform their Swegway in to a Go-Kart with three Hoverkart options to choose from.

The Original Hoverkart has had a whopping price drop and is now on sale here. Our upgraded and more refined Premium Hoverkart has a edge of prestige and comfort while offering a more exhilarating racing-style experience. However, if you’re after something a lot more sophisticated to transform your whole Swegway experience in to something special, then the SUSPENSION Hoverkart might be something for you.


Hoverboard / Swegway Accessories

Hoverboard Swegway accessories Training Handle

Are you buying a Hoverboard or Swegway for somebody who’s not ridden on one before? Are you worried that they may not exactly get the hand of it as well as you’d hope? Then perhaps the Training Handle would be perfect for them. The Training Handle for sale offers new Swegway riders the opportunity to support themselves by clipping a handle for support during the early stages of their Hoverboard life. It’s the perfect accessory add-on, guaranteeing that your loved ones will be sure to make the most out of their Hoverboard or Swegway.


Longboard / Electric Skateboard for Sale UK

Longboard and Electric Skateboard for sale UK

It’s arrived! The Electric Longboard, UK Electric Skateboard is now for Sale at our store! Take your electric boarding life to a new dimension with the most exhilarating and adrenaline filled e-gadget of 2017!

The Electric Skateboard for sale, otherwise known as the ‘Longboard’ is a skateboard powered by electricity and controlled using a Bluetooth remote control. We’ve had celebrity Formula 1 drivers already showing off on their Electric Skateboards, so it’s sure to become the next big thing. You can get hold of your Electric Skateboard for sale while stock last right here.


View our full range of products at our online shop HERE.

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