Motorised Hoverboard Chair takes Laziness to a whole new level!

This motorised Hoverboard chair takes laziness to a whole new level! A video posted on LadBible goes viral as a man makes a chair out of a Swegway.

In this video viewed by almost 2-million people worldwide shows how one man customised his Hoverboard. The innovative method of changing a Hoverboard in to a motorised Hoverboard chair is one that has been attempted before. However, the way in which this man utilises the Hoverboard chair takes laziness on to a whole new level!

In the video, a man is seen crossing the road while sat down on his Motorised Hoverboard Chair. Those passing by are in awe as he controls the speed and direction using the Hoverboard under his feet.

This video is clearly in America. However , we’re not sure if this type of thing will go down so well in England.

Motorised Hoverboard Chair

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Due to the design of the Hoverkart, riders can reach super-fast speeds while being in full control, just like a Go-Kart. Far better than the Motorised Hoverboard Chair in the video.

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