regular day with a HOVERBOARD

A regular day with a HOVERBOARD

This lad takes the term ‘normal day’ and really pushes the boundaries of what could be considered ‘normal’. Check this lads regular day with a Hoverboard!

We’ve discussed before how Hoverboards can generally improve the quality of your life and simply make travelling from A to B a whole lot more fun. This dude takes the term ‘a regular day with a Hoverboard’ and really pushes the boundaries of what could be considered ‘normal’. Well I guess it’s normal if your day generally consists of kicking footballs into and at targets.

This lad shows some serious skill and dexterity when it comes to his aim. Obviously I acknowledge that they maybe took a few attempts, managing to kick and throw various projectiles (or milk cartons) into certain targets, for instance the bin and fridge.

It takes some skill to actually be able to kick a ball well when on a Hoverboard. I mean balancing on one leg whilst on a Swegway is much harder than it sounds and looks. On top of this the rigorous movement of kicking the ball could quite easily throw you off-balance.

I also enjoyed that the video included somewhat of a plot or at the very least a progression in the sense that the challenges get progressively harder as the video goes on culminating in one of the best selection of Hoverboard ball tricks I think I have every seen. This lad keeps the ball up as if it were glued to him.

A regular day with a Hoverboard

regular day with a HOVERBOARD

Seriously, the video is only short, I would seriously recommend watching until the end of the video as he really does save the best until last.

This is a great example of what can be achieved with one simple HOVERBOARD and a ball. It really shows that all you need is practice and you can really make some great video content!

To make your own video like this, all you will need is a Classic Hoverboard unless you would rather go for one of our alternate choices such as the HUMMER All-terrain or even one of our Electric Scooters for sale.

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