Over the years the UK Hoverboard Sales has been growing. While many thought that Hoverboards for sale would deplete, the market is proving otherwise. Could the UK Hoverboard Sales market continue to grow? Will it be forever growing? In this article, we will highlight the current Hoverboard trends and how we believe the Hoverboard sales market will look like in future.

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When we first established our HOVERBOARD Brand many wondered if the Hoverboard market was going to last. Understandably, many thought that it would be a passive trend similar to those we have been witnessing over the years, such as the Tamagotchi or Fidget Spinners. However, ongoing popularity for the Hoverboard and Electric Scooters have proven otherwise.

According to research backed by genuine UK Hoverboard Sales figures, the Hoverboard trend is an evergrowing market. Established in 2015, we have seen year-on-year growth of Hoverboard sales, topping many British children’s Christmas wishlists.

According to the graph shown above, the base year of 2017 in comparison to 8 years into the future shows a steady incline of UK Hoverboard Sales. It is important to note also that 2017 was the strongest year for Hoverboard sales since their release in 2015.

So what is it that makes the Hoverboard so popular amongst kids and why does the UK Hoverboard Sales market seem to be forever growing?

UK Hoverboard Sales Market


There are many reasons why the UK Hoverboard Sales market seems to be ever-expanding. Firstly, the Hoverboard is the most futuristic gadget available for children since the PlayStation age. Unlike the games console, however, parents seem to be pleased that there is finally something to keep children playing outdoors rather than in the house.

Secondly, Hoverboards are amazing to watch as much as they are amazing to ride. This is the key cause of gadgets and toys becoming viral. Once a friend or family has one, you do too. Once you do own a Hoverboard, you’re sure to want to show off your skills to everyone!

Furthermore, Hoverboards are not goods that are often purchased then tucked away. Due to the price-tag of premium quality Hoverboards for sale, many kids are having to wait until their birthdays or Christmas to get hold of one. The delayed gratification of purchasing a Hoverboard means that riders don’t set themselves up for boredom.

So what happens if everyone eventually purchases a Hoverboard? We have found that over the last 5 years customers are returning! Due to the ongoing research and development of new models and designs of our Hoverboards, customers are coming back to buy again and again…

Best UK Hoverboards for Sale

Hoverboards UK Excellent reviews

At HOVERBOARD PRO we pride ourselves in supplying the best UK Hoverboards for sale made from British design. In fact, our purpose as a company is to ensure that each Hoverboard is 100% safe certified under all British directives of safety.

With so many Hoverboard sellers popping up on the internet, it’s often difficult to find a reputable Hoverboard seller. However, we’re a breath of fresh air amongst the minefield of companies online selling cheap Hoverboards for sale.

As a wholly UK-Based Hoverboard company, we pride ourselves in supplying Hoverboards from 100% UK Stock. Furthermore, our centres nationwide allow us to provide all UK Mainland customers with FREE next day delivery and 1-year warranty.

While we may not be the cheapest Hoverboard seller, we guarantee reliability and safety. Unfortunately, many cheap sellers tend to sell you knock-off Self-Balancing Scooters that are not only unreliable but potentially dangerous. At HOVERBOARD PRO we go through extreme lengths to guarantee premium quality and 100% safety from the grassroots.

Why not give our helpful UK Hoverboard specialists a call to discuss how our Hoverboards for sale are unique? Our telephone lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299. Alternatively, contact us using our Live Chat service below.

So while UK Hoverboard Sales continue to grow, grab yourselves a premium Hoverboard exclusively at HOVERBOARD PRO!


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