Riding Hoverboards For The First Time? Some Tips!

Thinking of riding Hoverboards for the first time? If so, this helpful guide will give you all the necessary advice and tips to get riding on a Hoverboard. If you have never been on a Hoverboard before and are thinking of starting out then there is nothing to fear. Hoverboards are extremely popular with both kids and adults alike. This is due to the fact that they’re very fun to ride and anyone can ride a Hoverboard with ease!

Riding Hoverboard First Time HOVERBOARDS UK

If you’ve never been on a Hoverboard then you might be thinking what every person thought the first time they ever saw a Hoverboard operate for the first time; WOW! It looks like something out of a space movie. However, riding a Hoverboard is not as difficult as it looks and in fact children and adults of all age and sizes are seen riding them with ease.

In this article, we will explain what the Hoverboard is and how it works. We will then outline some of the key tips to get riding on a Hoverboard for the first time. So if you’re thinking to buy a Hoverboard but not sure if you’re able to use one, then read on…

Riding Hoverboards For The First Time

Riding Hoverboards for the first time may look daunting but it really isn’t. It’s actually the most fun you’ll have! When riding a Hoverboards for the first time, why not enjoy it and get all your family involved as The Prince Family did in the video above? They even let tiny DJ ride the Hoverboard for the first time, too!

Hoverboards operate on gyroscopic sensors which activate when the rider stands on the footpads. The footpads compress a sprocket which elongates into the infrared sensors causing the gyroscopes to activate. From then on, the speed and direction of the Hoverboard are dictated by the way in which you distribute your body weight.

So if you’re riding a Hoverboard for the first time, we recommend taking it slow at first. This is because sudden jerks and movements may cause you to panic. If you do panic, then you’ll naturally make even more sudden movements which in consequence will cause the Hoverboard to move more fiercely.

When starting out for the first time, we recommend using the help of a family or friend in the same way The Prince Family did in the video above. However, some kids are naturally gifted when it comes to balancing. Believe it or not, children are more likely to learn to ride the Hoverboard far more quickly than adults. Perhaps adults have been walking for too long!


Some kids are amazing at riding Hoverboards for the first time. If you’re one of them, then Shiloh has some riding tips for you in the video above. We think it’s impressive that she was able to unpack her Hoverboard on Christmas day and get balancing on the Hoverboard almost immediately!

Riding Hoverboards for the first time can make you nervous, which is normal. Not everyone is like Shiloh. In fact, most of the professional Swegway Hoverboard riders at HOVERBOARD-PRO were nervous at first. For those who want to start off riding Hoverboards for the first time, we recommend the following:

  1. Start inside. Begin riding your Hoverboard indoors as this is a much more safe environment to get going.
  2. Preferably on the carpet. This is due to the carpet being a softer ground than a hard surface in case you do fall.
  3. Use the support of a wall, sofa, family or friend to gain balance.
  4. Once you have the balance, start off slow and steady and get used to the turning and speed sensitivity of the Hoverboard.

Before you know it, you’ll be whipping around the house causing mayhem to the skirting boards!

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