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Here are the best Hoverboards, Swegways or Self-Balancing Boards of 2019. Each of these are available to buy in the UK for sale by HOVERBOARD-PRO.

Best Hoverboards of 2019 UK

Hoverboards are also known as mini-Segways, Swegways or self-balancing boards. Although generally known as Hoverboards, people tend to switch between one term or the other. However, one thing is for sure – they are amazingly fun to ride and make excellent gifts for both children and adults alike.

In this article, we’ll explain which features to consider when buying a hoverboard at HOVERBOARD-PRO. Furthermore, we’ll highlight the laws regarding their use. With several Hoverboard models available, we’ll, of course, outline the best Hoverboards of 2019 for sale.

What Hoverboard wheel size do I need?

Wheel Size Hoverboard UK

Hoverboards come in three different wheel sizes:

  1. 6.5-inch Hoverboards
  2. 8.5-inch Hoverboards
  3. 10-inch Hoverboards

Each wheel size has it’s pro’s and con’s and of course the smaller the wheel size motor the less drag you will experience. With this in mind, the 6.5-inch Hoverboards will experience the least drag and are therefore more efficient.

However, 6.5-inch Hoverboards lesser ground clearance than the other more large models. Due to this, it is most suitable to ride them on more flat and even surfaces. This is why many customers prefer to purchase a larger size wheel for the added ground clearance.

While the 6.5-inch Classic and Disco Hoverboards for sale are excellent on smooth surfaces, they are not suitable for uneven ground such as grass. For example, shoudl you choose to ride the 6.5-inch Swegways on surfaces such as uneven paving slabs, the wheel will regain contact with the ground and consequently jerk forward. This will consequently cause you to lose balance – especially while riding at higher speeds.

Due to this, riders will be required to ride slower over uneven surfaces in order to stay balanced and safe while riding their Hoverboard.

For those who wish to ride on more rough terrain, there are other wheel sizes available to buy. The 8-inch and 10-inch Hoverboards are designed to allow for a more smoother ride when doing so. Our 8-inch Hummer Hoverboards provide a slightly higher level of stability than those using the 6.5-inch wheels, whilst preserving an efficient riding speed and response factor. However, if you’re looking for something that can handle extremely bumpy surfaces such as cobbled roads then we also recommend purchasing the 10-inch Mammoth variant of Hoverboards for sale.

Can anyone ride a Hoverboard?

Can anyone ride Hoverboard UK

While anyone can ride a Hoverboard, weight is an important element to consider. All three Hoverboard variants can cater up to 120kg in weight. However, there is a minimum weight requirement for each model too.

The 6.5-inch Swegways are suitable for any rider stating at 25kg, whereas the 8.5-inch Hummer models are suitable for riders weighing 35kg or above. However, the 10-inch Mammoth Swegway variant requires a minimum weight of at least 45kg. Failure to comply with these weight requirement could result in riders experiencing juddering and vibrating due to the gyroscopes toggling.

Hoverboard Safety Warning: Buy only the Best Hoverboards of 2019

Hoverboard Safety Swegway UK

Hoverboards have had some stick over the last few years. So, how do you know your Self-balancing Scooter is safe?

As you may recall back in 2015 when Hoverboards first rolled out to the market, many ‘fake’ Hoverboards made their way to the UK. In fact, only 13% of Hoverboards examined from several UK ports were deemed safe by the National Trading Standards agency.

This is why it’s vital that customers looking to buy Hoverboards for sale do purchase from a local supplier and chekc that the boards comply with local safety regulations. In particular, UK buyers should look for CE and UL markings. A  safe UK charger must comply under BS1363 and batteries should be certified under British directives of safety. at HOVERBOARD PRO we provide only the best Hoverboards of 2019 with branded batteries such as Samsung.

Customers must also look for a company that has clear and distinct contact details and also check the warranty policy. Good quality Hoverboards are expensive devices and it’s therefore important to be able to talk to the company should something go wrong. This is why at HOVERBOARD PRO we warn customers against purchasing cheap Hoverboards for sale that are dropshipped directly from China.

For more information about purchasing the best Hoverboards of 2019 from a reputable company, read our helpful guide “what makes a good Hoverboard company“.

Is it illegal to ride Hoverboards in the UK?

Illegal to ride hoverboard UK

Before you buy a Hoverboard you should consider the fact that it is illegal to ride them on public roads and pavements in the UK.

This law dates back to 184 years and is still in force under the 1835 Highways Act. The law states that people cannot use the footway to “ride or drive any horse, ass, sheep, mule, swine, or cattle or carriage of any description”. Unfortunately, this also includes Hoverboards. However, the rule clearly stipulates footways and not roads – so can you still ride the Hoverboard on the road like bicycles? Nope.

Any motor vehicle used on the road needs the user to be licensed and insured under the rules of the DVLA. At this moment in time, it is not possible to do either and so Hoverboards just like Electric Scooters are illegal to ride on UK roads. However, due to ongoing pressures of eco-friendly transportation, we do think that they may soon relax these laws.

Best Hoverboards of 2019

At SWEGWYA PRO we’re proud to provide the Best Hoverboards of 2019. All our Swegways and Self-Balancing boards are designed by ourselves here in the UK before manufacturing. Once they arrive in the UK they are then independently tested and certified under all British directives of safety.

Below is a list of the three Hoverboard variants available to purchase directly from our online shop.

6.5-inch DISCO Swegway

RAINBOW LIGHTNING Disco Hoverboard Sale UK M1X

The Disco Hoverboard range is a 6.5-inch wheel size that is designed for optimal performance. Our Disco variant is ideal for anyone starting out for the first time. However, due to their responsive nature, these variants are preferable even for the most experienced riders.

This model comes fully equipped with all the major add-ons including LED disco lights around the wheels as well as LED lights at the front of the device. Furthermore, the Disco Hoverboard comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers allowing riders to connect their mobile or tablet device.

Each Hoverboard for sale at HOVERBOARD PRO guarantees safety and reliability throughout. Unlike the cheap knock-off Hoverboards sold on the internet, we pride ourselves in finally providing a UK safe Hoverboard exclusively to our UK customers.

The 6.5-inch range of Hoverboards such as the one above is an extremely popular Swegway model. This board comes in many types of colours and designs to choose from, so there’s a Swegway for everyone,

8.5-inch HUMMER Swegway

BLUE CAMO Hummer Hoverboard Sale UK H8

The Hummer Hoverboard range is an 8.5-inch wheel size that is designed to tackle even the toughest terrain. Our Hummer variant is ideal for confident riders looking to maximise their riding style. out for the first time. Due to the thicker, larger off-road solid rubber wheel trims, these Hoverboards are ideal for both on and off-road use. In fact, the Hummer Hoverboard is our most robust board to date!

Just like the Disco range, this Hoverboard comes fully equipped with all the added extras including built-in Bluetooth speakers and LED lights included. In addition to this, the Hummer variant is the only model with an IP54 water-resistant grading. So although not waterproof, it still provides the extra layer of protection that no other Hoverboard model provides.

Our Best Hoverboards of 2019 are fully certified under all British directives of safety. In addition to this, we provide genuine Samsung batteries in each of our Swegways for sale. Each Hoverboard also comes with our exclusive 12-month in-house warranty service for extra peace of mind.

So if you’re looking for an all-round best Hoverboard then look no further than the Hummer Swegway Hoverboard.

10-inch MAMMOTH Swegway

FLAME Mammoth Hoverboard Sale UK X10

The Mammoth Hoverboard range is the largest board available to buy from HOVERBOARD-PRO. Its 10-inch wheel size allows for the smoothest riding experience on even the bumpiest of surfaces. Our Mammoth variant is ideal for those who are considering riding the Swegway on tough terrain that may not be suitable with the smaller wheel size.

This model also comes equipped with the necessary add-ons such as LED lights and built-in Bluetooth speakers for an added thrill.

The 10-inch boards are the only models with a pneumatic inflatable tyre. This allows the Hoverboard to tackle through bumpy surfaces like smooth butter. These Hoverboards for sale are extremely popular and although come with several designs, they are usually sold out pretty quickly. So if you’re looking to purchase the Best Hoverboards of 2019 this year then we recommend buying one before it’s too late!

For more information about any of our Hoverboards for sale then why not speak to one of our helpful agents? Our telephone and Live Chat lines are open 24/7 on 0113 320 2299.


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