Choosing the Best Self Balance Scooter for Kids

Hoverboards are the latest trend amongst teenagers as well as kids. These self-balancing scooters have taken a toll on the kids as it is easy to use and is also an easier ride compared to skateboards. If you too want to get a self-balance smart scooter for kids then it is necessary that you know about the different features that you should look for while purchasing one for your kid. Here are the points to be noted while choosing the best Hoverboard for your kid.

Bets Hoverboards for Kids

UL2272 certification

When you buy anything for your kid your first concern must be its safety. In UK markets today the UL2272 certification is the standard that ensures that the Hoverboard is safe. Thus, before you buy a hoverboard or while shortlisting a few, make a point that you shortlist those who have this certification. Any hoverboard without this certification may not be safe enough for riding. You can check out for this mark at the bottom of the hoverboard.

Lithium Battery for Hoverboard

There have been past instances when it was found that the hoverboard battery were combusting. Thus, if you do not check out the battery used then there may be threats to your child’s safety. Before purchasing, aim to go for one that has a UN38.3/MSDS certification. This will also let the seller know that you are aware of the different things associated with a Hoverboard. Furthermore, asking about the brand used for battery will help you clarify whether or not they are reliable enough.

Apart from this you also need to ask about the battery life. The more it runs better will be the riding experience of your kid be.


Your next concern should be the tyres of the Hoverboard. This is due to it placing a huge influence on the type of fun that your child gets from the board. The tyres should be wide enough to provide a pleasant and smooth ride. The best width for a tyre of the Hoverboard is between 6.5 to 8 inches. This will provide a great riding experience.

Hoverboard Charging Safety

The charger of the hoverboard may not be used while riding but if it is of bad quality then there are chances that fire incidents may occur. Due to this, it is better to go with chargers that are CE/Rohs/UL marked. This is the mark that supports that the quality of the charger is good enough and there are minimal chances of explosion while the Hoverboard is being charged.

Best Self Balance Scooter for Kids: Hoverboard Brands

While purchasing the Self-balance smart scooter for kids you cannot ignore the brand. The best brand in the market will provide you with best quality products. The parts will be according to the standard and you can be sure that the riding experience too will be great. Read reviews about different brands so that you get a better understanding about which brand will be best for you.


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