Hoverboards Made in The UK: is there such thing?

Many customers ask if Hoverboards are made in the UK. Is there such thing as a Hoverboard made in the UK? In this article, we explore whether this is possible.

Hoverboards made in UK Hoverboard

As we know, there has been a big problem with many Hoverboards made in China catching fire. The truth, however, is that all Hoverboards are made in China. While this may sound unsettling, let’s make it clear which Chinese Hoverboards are safe and which are not.

As you know, most gadgets such as mobile phones, toys, mobile phones and other electronics are also made in China. So why are so many people looking for Hoverboards made in the UK? This is due to the fact that Hoverboards have previously been known to cause damage to property and in some rare cases safety of individuals.

In this article, we will highlight the true cause of such Hoverboards catching fire and what you should be looking for when buying a safe Hoverboard for sale. If most Hoverboards are made in China and there is no such thing as Hoverboards made in the UK then what sets the safe ones apart from the rest?

Let’s divulge in this a little bit more and find out exactly what makes a Hoverboard safe. That way, customers can be sure to make an educated decision when looking for safe Hoverboards for sale.

Hoverboards made in the UK

Hoverboards made in the UK SWEGWAYS

There is no such thing as a Hoverboard made in the UK. However, while all Hoverboards are made in China, it is entirely up to the vendor what kind of materials are used and how safe these materials are. Let’s give you an example.

When cheap Hoverboards are made, they usually cut corners on the product and materials used in order to maximise their profits. For example, factories in China will ask you the following:

  1. What kind of batteries do you want inside your Hoverboard?
  2. Do you want cheap Chinese PCB components or high-quality components such as TaoTao or YST?
  3. What type of quality wheel motors do you want to include?
  4. Low-quality charging adaptors or high-quality premium UL chargers

These are just some of the things that cheap Hoverboard sellers can do to cut costs on the production of their Hoverboards on sale. So if you see a cheap Hoverboard that may look similar to a quality one, then think twice about it.

At HOVERBOARD PRO, all their Hoverboards are made from British design. This means that HOVERBOARD PRO individually design their own Hoverboards to ensure quality and safety is at the forefront of their product. In the next section, we’ll outline the materials they use and how they are different to other Hoverboards for sale online.

Safe Hoverboards UK

Hoverboards from British Design

HOVERBOARD PRO design their own Hoverboards before they are manufactured. They only use high-quality authentic SAMSUNG Hoverboard batteries in their Swegway products. Many sellers choose low-quality cheap batteries and are often half the number of cells than the number of cells inside a HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboard.

Furthermore, HOVERBOARD PRO goes above and beyond to ensure that the components that make up the Hoverboard are of premium quality. They use only genuine Hoverboard components from manufacturers such as TaoTao or YST. This ensures that the Hoverboard is powered with premium parts that are reliable and safe throughout its life.

In addition to this, HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboards use dual silent-drive german motors. Their wheel motors are powered by two 350w motors rather than the cheaper 250w motors many cheap Hoverboard sellers offer.

HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboards are not made in the UK, however, they are certainly from UK design. This makes us unique in the approach that each component is from UK specification and is solely for the UK market. Our Hoverboard chargers are verified by UL certification and are built to be 100% safe and reliable.

So while no Hoverboards are made in the UK, we certainly go above and beyond to ensure that our UK consumers receive a Hoverboard from UK design.

Want more information about how our Hoverboards are made from UK design? If so, please get in touch. Our UK Hoverboard engineers will be more than happy to outline some of the key features that make our Hoverboards the best in the UK.

Hoverboards from HOVERBOARD PRO

Is my Hoverboard safe UK

HOVERBOARD PRO is proud to provide the UK consumer with Safe Hoverboards. During the manufacturing phase of our Safe Hoverboards, each Swegway is inspected and verified by ourselves to ensure that our designs are implemented. We have representatives fly out from the UK to oversee the entire manufacturing process to verify our boards and ensure that they undergo strict guidelines of care and precision.

Once HOVERBOARD PRO Hoverboards arrive in the UK, they have them each independently tested and verified under all UK directives of safety. It is at this stage that SWEGWYA PRO Hoverboards are awarded the most prestigious certifications by independent British certification centres.

We are the closest you will ever get to having a Hoverboard made in the UK. So purchase a UK Hoverboards from HOVERBOARD PRO to receive the peace of mind that you deserve.

Want more information about how whether there is such a thing as Hoverboards made in the UK? If so, please give our 24-hour helpline a call on 0113 320 2299 to speak to a UK representative today!


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