UK Swegway Review

UK Swegway Reviews: 8” Lambo Hoverboard

In this 5-part series of Hoverboard & UK Swegway Reviews, we introduce the super-strong and fabulous 8″ Lambo Swegway. These models are fast becoming the most popular Swegways available, with beginners jumping straight in to purchase the Lambo 8″ Swegway above the otherwise most-favoured Classic Hoverboards.

UK Swegway Reviews

UK Swegway Reviews:

In this second series of UK Swegway Reviews, we focus on the mega Swegway and second in line to the thrown since the birth of the Classic Swegway model: the Lambo 8” Hoverboard.

The Lambo 8” Swegway comes second in line for our UK Swegway Reviews for one particular reason – it is the larger and more chunkier Swegway, produced shortly after the UK Swegway became a craze in 2015, introducing with it a special functionality: BLUETOOTH!

So buckle up and enjoy reading this one, because you’re sure to learn a thing or two about the 8” Lambo’s!

Lambo 8” UK Swegway Reviews

UK Swegway Reviews:

Lambo 8” UK Swegway Reviews

Let’s get straight to the point. The 8″ Lambo Hoverboard is simply the upgrade to the Classic 6″ Hoverboard and is fast superseding the Classic as the number one selling gadget in the world.

This fantastic model is the big daddy of the Classic UK Swegway, second to be released and contains the most popular specification within all Swegway devices – Bluetooth. Why are they so popular you ask?

  1. They’re just like the 6″ Classic Hoverboards, but larger.

    The 8″ Lambo Swegways are built inside in the same way as the Classic Hoverboards. The components within the Lambo are almost synonymous with the ones in the Classic 6″ models. In the previous UK Swegway Reviews article we outlined why the 6″ is the most reliable Hoverboard around. Well, it goes without saying that the Lambo 8″ Swegway is just as so. The only difference, however, is the larger 8″ wheel (which houses the wheel-motor) as well as the exterior casing.

  2. They are great for medium-level riders.

    The 8” Lambo Hoverboard is so much fun. Since it is larger than the Classic models, we often recommend them to the more experience riders, since they’re chunkier and slightly more heavy than its little brother and therefore may be a little tricky to get the hang of right away. Having said that, we have experienced so many beginners master the Lambo Swegways within just 15 minutes or ever riding on one!

  3. They look brilliant!

    Just look at it, it’s a beautiful masterpiece of a Swegway. The Lambo 8″ Hoverboard is a real head-turner and looks keen to tackle tough terrain. The X design and sleek edges makes the Lambo Hoverboard the most desirable looking Smart Board across the whole range.

  4. Blutooth Speakers.

    Thats right, the Lambo 8″ Swegway is the first UK Hoverboard to have a Bluetooth Speaker functionality. This means that users are now able to play music from their Swegway by pairing the device with their Bluetooth mobile phone or tablet, thanks to the built-in high quality speaker and BT circuits. HOVERBOARD-PRO UK have worked so hard in ensuring that the Lambo Swegway bluetooth Smart Boards were reliable and safe before releasing them to our wonderful HOVERBOARD-PRO family. Be mindful of cheap version of these bluetooth devices, as it is more often the case that if you purchase a cheap version, you’ll get low sound quality issues or temperamental outages.

  5. Hardwearing tyres.

    Just like the Classic 6″ Swegways, the Lambo Hoverboards have hardwearing tyres that do not need to be inflated. The difference with these mean-looking Smart Boards however, is that they’re 2 inches larger than the 6″ Swegway Boards. This allows the Lambo Swegway to take on tougher terrain than it’s little brother and handle bumpier surfaces slightly better, too.

Where to buy 8” Lambo UK Hoverboards

Buying Hoverboards From Reputable UK Company

UK Swegway Reviews:

At HOVERBOARD-PRO UK, of course! We specialise in UK SAFE and APPROVED 8” Lambo Swegways & Hoverboards. We are – and have always been – the UK’s most trusted UK Hoverboard Company, advocating safe and reliable Swegways from day one.

There’s no doubt that you might have surfed the Internet and found cheap (unreliable) Hoverboards below the market value. BEWARE OF THIS. Unfortunately, a lot of ‘apparent’ sellers are claiming to be safe when they’re not. We advise that you do your research – get to know us a little better and make an informed decision. HOVERBOARD-PRO UK have been operating since our establishment in 2015 and have grown from a little office in West Yorkshire to now a large team operating between two large centres across England.

Offering genuine UK Swegways, HOVERBOARD-PRO UK have built a brand that is recognised for its safety, reliability and efficiency. We honour a 12 month warranty on all our products – no quibble – with our aftercare services department and in-house repair specialists at the ready to handle all your queries and issues should there ever be any.




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