UK Swegway Review

UK Swegway Reviews: 6” Classic Hoverboard

Welcome to the first of our five-part series of UK Swegway Reviews, where we will aim to review all the latest UK Hoverboard models for your peace of mind.


So if you’re not sure which model best suits yourself or your loved one, this Hoverboard Review article aims to gear you up with enough knowledge to make you choose the Swegway that’s right for you.


UK Swegway Reviews

Swegway Reviews:

In this first series of UK Swegway Reviews, we focus on the original and most sought-after Hoverboard model: the Classic 6” Hoverboard.


The Classic 6” Hoverboard is the first of our UK Swegway Review for one particular reason – it is the oldest and most original Hoverboard of the Swegway family. It has been such an acclaimed product, that we will always love and cherish these Classic models regardless of what new models swing by. It’s like the timeless Rolex.


So buckle up and enjoy reading this one, because you’re sure to learn a thing or two about the 6” Classics!


Classic 6” Hoverboard Review

Classic 6” Hoverboard Review

Swegway Reviews:

Let’s get straight to the point. The 6 “ Classic Hoverboard is THE number one selling gadget in the world. Coined as the gadget of the year for 2015 and 2016, it’s sure to be a big seller this year.


This fantastic model is the original Swegway, first to be released and the most popular of them all. Why are they so popular you ask?


  1. They have been out the lengthiest of time. This means that they’ve been engineered over and over to become better and more reliable. This also means that spare parts are easy to get hold of; whether it be a 6” wheel motor, new plastic casing or a motherboard/battery/circuit board, they’re super-quick to source.
  2. They are great for beginners. The 6” Classic Hoverboard is an excellent starter model for beginners or those of you who want to learn and master your Swegway tricks. It’s the lightest of all 3 models and takes on the lightest load.
  3. It’s cheap! The Classic 6” UK Swegways are the cheapest Hoverboard on the market today. So if you’re looking for a well established, reliable and affordable product then look no further than buying the 6” Classic Hoverboard. Of course, we must remind you that a cheap board is not the sole indicator when purchasing a Swegway online (or anywhere else for that matter) – it’s important to keep in mind that price is a very low factor when considering SAFETY. Never be drawn in to buying a cheap Swegway, no matter what they tell you. The chances are, it’s a dangerous one.
  4. Hardwearing tyres. Hard wearing tyres are useful for both indoor and outdoor use, however, the most desirable factor for a hardwearing tyre (one that is not inflatable) is that they do not need pumping with air, and will stand the test of time without having to worry about punctures or sharp objects, as you do with a car or bicycle. In contrast to the inflatable tyres (as provided in the 10” Mammoth models) you may take it outdoor, however, you could experience more of a rigid ride than the inflatable counterparts. The wheel-motors of the Classic 6” UK Swegways are inside the wheel, so it goes without saying that if you need a tire changing, you’re going to have to change the motor, too.

Where to buy 6” Classic Hoverboards

Buying Hoverboards From Reputable UK Company

Swegway Reviews:

At HOVERBOARD-PRO UK, of course! We specialise in UK SAFE and APPROVED 6” Classic Hoverboards and Swegways. We are – and have always been – the UK’s most trusted UK Swegway Company, advocating safe and reliable Hoverboards from day one.


There is no doubt that you might have surfed the Internet and found cheap Swegways below the market value. BEWARE OF THIS. Unfortunately, a lot of ‘apparent’ sellers are claiming to be safe when they are not. We advise that you do your research – get to know us a little better and make an informed decision. We have been operating since our establishment in 2015 and have grown from a little office in West Yorkshire to now a large team operating in two centres across England.


We offer genuine UK Hoverboards and have built a brand that is recognised for its safety, reliability and efficiency. We honour a 12 month warranty on all our products – no quibble – with our aftercare services department and in-house repair specialists at the ready to handle all your queries and issues should there ever be any.





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