Is this 8 Year-old better than you on a HOVERBOARD?

Is this 8-year old kid better than you on a Hoverboard? There’s no cause for embarrassment if the answer to that question is yes. This kid seems like a natural on a Hoverboard, picking it up in no time, even taking his Swegway onto some tougher terrain.

This kid rides over the grass on his Hoverboard as if it were concrete! bear in mind that Classic Swegways such as this are not made for off-road terrain. Are you thinking of riding on more tough terrain? If so, we would suggest the X-Trail Off-Road Hummer Hoverboard for sale. However, this kid still manages riding over the grass with ease, showcasing some serious balancing ability, for a beginner.

He even begins to switch things up with twists and turns on the Hoverboard, using both his feet and his hands to make full use of the boards self-balancing abilities.

So, yeah, if this kid is better than you, do not feel ashamed. Rather, just marvel at the true capabilities and potential of the Swegway.

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Better than you on a Hoverboard?

8 year old better than you on a Hoverboard UK Swegway

If you think this 8-year old is not better than you on a Hoverboard, why not show us? At HOVERBOARD PRO we would love to hear from our loyal riders. Simply submit your Hoverboard tricks video and we’ll showcase it on our website and social media pages.

However, be sure to follow all the Swegway Safety precautionary measure when riding your Hoverboard.

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