Hoverboard American Football

Hoverboard American Football

Football is perhaps one of the only sports name worldwide which can refer to more than one sport. Check out this Hoverboard American Football video!

You have Australian rules, the actual rule part I am unsure of whereas the Australian element is much more self-explanatory. Alongside this is the original British football, known in a number of regions as soccer, which I am most familiar with.

This challenge, however, falls into the category of American Football. You know the one which is sort of rugby but with more padding, which seems kind of feasible a sport for Hoverboards.

The Classic Hoverboards these lads use actually hold up pretty well on the AstroTurf they’re playing on. Naturally, they don’t actually play a full round of American Football to begin with but rather traverse the pitch they have made. All of this whilst trying to throw the footballs themselves on target, into the bins at the far-side of the pitch.

Following these warm-up tasks, the lads get into a proper game, showcasing their balancing abilities as they tussle and touchdown across the pitch with Gusto and Vigor. Seriously, this looks like a lot of fun and the Hoverboards look like natural tools for the task. So long as you take care and the right precautions are taken as to not injure yourself, we fully recommend giving this a go!

Hoverboard American Football

Hoverboard American Football

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